About Me

About Me

First and foremost in case you are wondering: I named this blog "Be My Valentin," {In case you are wondering}...because my babies last name is Valentin.....and Im sure I will be a Valentin....eventually....::hint hint Mr V!::


I am a 20-somethin mama of 2 little ones and fiance for the past 6 years to their Dad. I was born in Texas and lived between Texas and Florida, then raised in PA since age 12.  We currently reside in NJ but I still have dreams of relocating back to my beloved south!

On 9.11.2007 I became a mama to my baby princess Sofia and then again on 1.12.10 to my handsome little man Antonio. I also have two stepchildren Suehalie and Alberto.

I also love God and I may not always be at church but he is the one I confide in each and every night and all throughout my day for guidance and strength.  At this point in my life he is also carrying me wherever I need to be.  If you want to know anything else please check out the "Contact Me" section of this blog and send me and email if you like!

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