Friday, August 31, 2012

My Daughter

Lately I've been thinking alot about my daughter growing up......and it really REALLY hurts. Is it because she's turning 5 in 12 days??  Is ist because my son is also growing too fast and maybe I just have baby fever again?  I dunno.......but I almost feel sick over it.

Looking back on all her baby moments as an infant and then a toddler I realize how fast they've flown by and the fact that I will NEVER have her as a baby again is really bothering me.  All I have are photos and memories.

My little grouchy pants at 3 months old


Chubby Wubby n her great-great grandma Carmen

The ladies of the family

Don't get me wrong ...I love seeing her growing into such a beautiful young intelligent amazing girl ....but I long to have those baby days back.  Those days where she was content in whatever outfits I put her in and where we went didn't make a difference.  As long as she was with mama...she was a happy girl. baby girl is constantly saying "I can do it all by myself!" of  "I'm a big girl right mama?!?!?" She  wants to play her DS and computer games ALL.THE.TIME

She's constantly talking about going to school .....UGH...where did my chubby little infant go?  You know that one that was completely dependant on me for everything? How did she get SO BIG...SO FAST?

She was registered to start kindergarten in NJ but because we moved to GA and the cutoff date is earlier here she missed it by 10 days and can't start.  In a way I'm kinda happy about it because I feel like I can hold onto a little piece of her babyhood for one more year.  For now I'm just trying to soak up every possible moment I can like the fact that she needs me to snuggle her still every night after prayer time or she can't sleep.  That just reassures me shes still my baby and needs me.

Sofia will always be my baby....the one who made me a mother.


While you may become more independent as the years go by......mama will always be here for you and will always have time for snuggles n kisses. 
I love you princess!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Killa Crafty in the House!

My co-workers in NJ used to joke that would be my "street name" if I were to have one.....and for good reason too! Tonight I went on a craft rampage if you will......I finished Sofia's fall/pumpkin patch shirt that I posted about HERE and it turned out soooooooo cute! I even added a few swarovski crystals and luckily it doesn't look like one of those bedazzled horrors from the early 90's....You all know you owned something that was bedazzled! Anywho picture this....with some cute skinny jeans and a cute orange and purple headband!

While I was in such a crafty mood I decided to use up some of my scrap ribbons and flowers and make Sofia some new headbands too .....

Now when have 200 gazillion (no joke) headbands like Sofia you need some place to organize them.  So last week I was in Michael's and picked up one of those galvanized milk cans.  I saw this idea for using a coffee/oatmeal can for a headband holder HERE and HERE.  But I thought the milk can would be really cute so I bought one and  I just spray painted it fancy papers or ribbons since I figured it might look too "busy" with all the headbands on it anyway.

The only problem is I need another 20 of these darn cans to hold all Sofia's headbands and at $10 a pop that might take awhile.  Now I need to go on a hunt for some Micheal's coupons!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trips to the Park and to Alabama

Lately we've been going to Wills Park in Alpharetta and we LOVE this park. We even went 2 days in a row but Sofia had a major meltdown when she couldn't ride one of the horses there. Then Antonio started screaming just because big sister was screaming. TRUST ME....trying to carry out 2 screaming kids from a playground full of horses by yourself is no picnic. But other than that they had a great time!

This sign was at the playground! Gotta love the south!



Why do kids always insist on running up the slide the wrong way?

Rockin his cute baby faux hawk before Daddy butchered him.  (See previous post)

We've also been going almost every weekend to Alabama to visit Albertos brother.  It's so nice to finally have some family around.  In NJ we were all alone for 8 long years.  Albertos Brother Franco lives out in the country though I'm not a fan of the kids gettin so dirty ...but kids will be kids I guess....


 Tio Franco & Tio Archie :)

Them Puerto Ricans sure can barbecue the shit out of some meat!


Exploring the country


This dog is the reason the kids love Tio Franco's house ...

Showing his best friend his stick ...LOL

I live to see moments like this on my daughters face ...pure happiness! Shes such an animal lover like her mama!

Son't mind my sweaty kid......LOL.....It was like 95 degrees and they have no problem playing outside all day in that heat...UGH!

Now that I've bored you to death with pics of my bebes.....LOL....It's Thursday ......Friday can't come soon enough ....It's been a LONGGGGGGGGGG work week to say the least!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Buzzed!

Yes I realized I'm less than 2 minutes away from Thursday but I've been "speechless" since I got home from work and found my son's head buzzed.... so its definitely a Wordless Wednesday!

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry :(

Monday, August 20, 2012

Waiting for FALL!

I'm not sure what it is lately ....but I've been dying for Fall to get here. Maybe I'm just anxious to see how the change of seasons is here in Atlanta compared to in NJ.  Plus I'm anxious for fall shopping .....Bring on the Sweaters and UGGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho this got me thinking about all things FALL ....especially going pumpkin pickin' ....which then lead me into thinking about what my kids were gonna wear. Yeah I know I'm WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY early on that but Im nuts like that.  I already picked out Antonio's gear but for Sofia....I wanted something different.  I love fall colors but sometimes I feel like their not girly enough so this year I wanted to add in some plum colors to her  outfit.  I made 3 super cute Iron on Transfers for the shirt.  I put them for sale on my ETSY store too.  I made these 3 but Im leaning towards the 2nd one :) and maybe a cute headband with purple orange and brown :)

Sorry I didn't have any pics to share but hopefully next post I will overload you with pics because we've been doing lots of exploring around Atlanta :) We went to the Aquarium a few weeks back as well as a few parks and visiting with family alot we've been super busy to say the least :)

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