Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Random Photos

Sorry I don't have anything major to post ....I've just been trying to catch up my ETSY store and going through some insane traning at my new position here in Atlanta.  Right now I live for the weekends since its the only time I catch a break.  I have been taking lots of pics though on the weekend.

Remember I said we've been at the pool constantly EVERY DAY constantly....well Tico went nuts ver Sofia's new pink goggles so naturally we had to get his some blue ones too and he looks so nerdy n cute in them :-P  and he looks hilarious we he puts his little face under water!

We've also been going to Alabama on the weekends to visit Albertos big brother and the kids love it out in the country.  Sofia is an animal lover just like her momma so she is in love with all the puppies and cats and chickens!

Sofia and her new friends :)

Sofia Tico and their little cousin Chloe :)

ummmmmm how does my sweet 4 yr old baby princess look like a teenager.....I need to find a way to somehow shrink her back to a squishy infant...any suggestions?

Sofia -n- Chloe :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Quick Update from Atlanta!

Hey ladies.....we arrived safely in Atlanta June 25th and this is the first time I've been able to post.  Im actually posting this right before I start work so I didn't even get a chance to upload all of my pics I wanted to show you ....hopefully later this week.

Anyway ...moving was crazy.......we had to leave so much behind because we couldn't fit everyting in our moving trailer.  We had to leave so much furniture including the kids beds and their when we got here we went to Ikea to get them 2 matching twin beds......then to target for some new bedding.  I will post a pic of their room later this week ......but Antonio's side of the room is all Dinos......and needless to say .....He LOVES them.  Everynight he says "G'night Di-saurs, G'night T-Wex."

The weather here has been super hot too.  Hotter than normal from what I hear too so we've been spending alot of time at the pool and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pool in our complex. It has a huge ledge thats about 5 feet wide across each side of the pool and its only about 1 1/2 feet deep so the kids have a little shallow area to play :)

My little Skinny Minnie posing :)

If any of you also remember me posting last summer Antonio was traumatized and terrified of the pool up north because no matter how hot it is the water doesn't warm up .....He would just sit on the edge all day ......Here....totally different story!  This Kid will stay in the pool all day because the water is so nice!

This mama is also super proud because her little baby girl is now swimming!!!!!!  Not perfect but she can hold her breath and swim almost 10 ft under water!

Don't mind the creepy guy on the back clue why he wanted to put his chair right in front of the steps so people had to step over him.  WIERDO!

Will try to post more updates later this week.  But so far things are going great! We love our new place.  My new job is tough but I'll get it.  We also have a new member in our family ....more on that later :)

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