Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Remeniscing

How did my squishy little curly head go from this .....

To an almost kindergartener???? :::tear:::

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I'm Lovin'

Current Loves

Work sucks right now .........these last 2 weeks are dragging. plus with my grandpa passing,  what else can I do to make me feel better but look at all sorts of stuff I don't need :-P  Lately I'm really into t-shirt style dresses too so I think the one above is the perfect color for summer.  Plus I fell in love with attempting a DIY this week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

He's Gone

Just after midnight June 6th, 2012 ......surrounded by his wife and children.....My grandpa Mario took his last breaths in this life and his first breath in Heaven.

Words can't even describe what I've been feeling the past few days. I think I've cried more right before he passed then when he actually did. Maybe because it hurt not being there with my family saying goodbye.....All due to my car being worked on ...yet AGAIN ....another reprocussion (sp?) of that accident we had back on Christmas ...but that's a whole other issue.

Just a little background....Grandpa was actually my mom's stepdad....but pretty much raised my mom and her siblings since they were kids and adopted them when he married my he's my grandpa 100% even if not by blood :).....For those who didn't know my grand-dad he was such an amazing person and anyone who knew him was truly blessed.  He was a very loyal person and and would do anything for his family.  The stories he would tell could captivate anyone.

He was born into the start of the great depression and in order to help his mom he would shine the shoes of the old Italian mobsters in Brooklyn.  When his mother found out she ripped up the money and said she would never take "blood money".  I also just found out this weekend that he actually lied about his age to enlist in the military during WWII!

I remember being so annoyed that he would wake me up super early as a teenager on Saturday mornings to go play Bocce Ball.  What 14 year old wants to be woken at 7 am ...but grand-dad didn't take no for an answer.  We played on a team and thanks to grandad ....I'm a kick ass bocce shark now...LOL ....don't eff with me on the bocce court.....and I will no doubt have on in my backyard when we buy a house! :)

He was also very big into the boxing scene and was a trainer/judge/promoter..... and even was close friends with Don King, Tony Danza and Joe Pesci.  (Yeah he had the hookup!) He used to take me to all the Golden Gloves competitions with him which was sooooooooo cool to sit with the judges and see the fights up close.....until blood gets spilled in your drink...TRUE STORY....yeah i know ....GROSS!  He also knew everyone in town ......and everyone knew they didn't mess with Mario :) 

Gone are the teenage days when Gramps used to tell me I was wearing too much makeup......or too much jewelry.  He almost dropped dead when he saw my first tattoo and I tried to pass it off as a temporary.  He knew....and then proceeded to give me an hour lecture on how a "respectful lady" shouldn't mark up her body like that! Oh I miss those little lectures talks we had.  I will always remember the last words he said to me months back while he was laying in bed & I was holding his hand.  He kissed my hand and said....."Ti amo, tu sei il mio cuore" .......From the very little Italian I know ....I knew that meant "I love are my heart."   The crazy thing is that when he said that ......he was so sick with Alzheimer's he had no clue who I was anymore.  But I like to think there was a little part of him somewhere deep inside who recognized me :) I will truly miss you old man :)

This weekend we went to his house to visit with my gram and family........and even though she just lost her husband she was being strong as ever and going on as usual for the sake of the family.  We shed a few tears remeniscing about grandpa.......but I know she'll get through.  I can't imagine having anyone else as wonderful as her for a grandmother.  She means the world too me :)

We also got to spend time with my great great grandma Carmen.....but know to my family as "Mama Chu-Chu" She is 97 years old!!!!!!!!! And such a super lady.  She has the mouth of a sailor.....and in her Spanish accent can scare the living hell out of anyone ......but sweet as pie at the same time.  it was wonderful seeing her because at her age who knows how much longer we will have her.  I can't even imagine living long enough to have great-great grandchildren!

Our visit wasn't all tears and sadness though.  The kids had so much fun running all over grandma's house.  Antonio found a new friend in Grandma's beanie baby collection...

Don't mind the pink bottle was all we had LOL

Sofia also went crazy with all the "babies" feeding them and playing mommy to them :)

Playing in gram's sprinkler in the front yard.....ahh summer childhood fun!

It was such a refreshing weekend to see family....I am truly going to be sad when we move to Atlanta since they will be 16 hours away and weekend visits wont be an option anymore  :(

Monday, June 4, 2012

A little bit of everything. [PHOTO OVERLOAD]

Hello alllllllllllllllll!!!! Im still alive you know though we are super busy planning our move to GA. Anywho I've had so many posts in mind just not enough time to post all of them....things always seem to get in the way here is just a little of what's been going on the past week or two...

I've started getting back into blog design a bit. As you may remember last year I started my design blog but I got so caught up with ETSY that I put it to the side. So last week the lovely Miss Jazmine from Life as a Young Mom let me give her a whole bloggy makeover and I must say I love how it turned out.

I met Jazmine through blogging not to long ago and she is such a doll and a total sweetheart! Check out her blog and her adorable boys too! She also has a food blog called Yummylicious.....but she doesn't know I secretly steal her recipes (especially the desserts) and pass them off to my kids as my own...J/K...seriously check her out though ...LOVE HER!

Other than that I had a super stressful week at work so I was so once the weekend was her.  One of my best friends, Brittney, and I took the kiddos into the city (NYC for those of you who aren't from here) and after getting lost a few times even with my POS GPS....we made it into China Town ...I wan't too impressed with all the knockoff garbage they had there but I did buy some perfume :)  One the way back to the car we stopped for some NY Pizza....personally I prefer NJ pizza but it was ok ....the kids love it though did B!

Always with the goofy faces!

 Too much Angelina Ballerina!

I'm kinda grossed out now thinking of all the germs on that damn pole!

Is looking at the camera too much to ask? LOL...Notice the water all over the stroller?!?!?! Thats what I get for giving a 2 yr old a water bottle....luckily she wasn't mad he dumped it all over her seat :)

 This is her "children of the corn" face....hehehe

Me n my doll :)

Then we headed to Central Park for a bit ....We didn't get to see much becuase there was only 1 hour parking available.  There happened to be a carnival going on in the park right where we went in so of course Sofia had a mini meltdown to go in ....but I wasn't about to pay the admission when we only had less than 1 hour.....sorry kiddo.......but nothing a few balloons and cotton candy couldn't cure :)

 We spent the rest of the night in Times Square....I couldn't quite get the right settings on my camera .....but I'm still forcing my self to shoot in manual mode...I'll get there one day though.

B -n- the kids watching the movies in Times Square :)

All in all June 2, 2012 = Best Day EVER! or at least one I will never forget! And....I know I'm WAAYYYYYYYY late but just because I had to post a few pics from our Memorial day spent by the pool ....

The water was Ice cold so he would only put his feet in .....hopefully that will change when we get to GA and the waters warmer :)

Love of my life!....well one of them :)

Baby girl in her "flower boat" as she calls it.  Can you believe she fits in this still and she started using it when she was less than a year old :-p

Mi BB Hermoso!

He was more interested in eating then swimming....but he was reppin for the Boricuas ...LOL

Again in her little my princess!

So now that I've drown you in pics of my kiddos.......we've pretty much just been preparing for our move.....getting anxious.  But as always bad things have a way of ruining things and not to end this post on a negative note......I'm dreading tommorrow because my grandfather suffered another stroke and is being taken off Life Support tommorrow.  I'm trying to be positive but this is a tremendous loss for our whole heart is aching right now for my Grandpa Mario but it's his time and God's will.  My babies are here and keep my mind off of things......So I just ask that any of you reading pray for my grandpa and our family :) Hopefully I will be able to post again soon but I will probably be with my family this weekend :)

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