Friday, April 27, 2012

EEEKkkkk......Today is a BIG day.

Nerves have set in big time becuase today I have a much anticipated interview for a new position within my company (AT&T).  But this is not just any interview.  As you know I live in North Jersey and this position is in Atlanta!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for a position to open up in this department for almost 3 years and one finally did.  It couldn't have come at a better time because Mr. V may be losing his job.  If that happens we planned on possibly moving down to the Atlanta area near his brother and sister since we could never afford to live in the NYC/NJ area on 1 paycheck.  Coincidentally a position opened up recently so I went for it.  If we moved it would be AWESOME if one of us already had a job lined up.  Not to mention the pay is great and a huge jump from what I make now!  In addition it would be an even bigger jump since we wouldn't be paying astronomical housing prices like we do now!

For some reason I'm super nervous though.....maybe because the position would require a big relocation or maybe just because I havn't had an interview in soooooo long.  I've been at AT&T for 7 1/2 yrs and in my current department for almost 5 so needless to say it's been awhile.  I'm just hoping God gives me a boost of confidence so that I don't sound like a bumbling idiot...hahah!

This could be such an amazing career opportunity for me and a wonderful opportunity for our family  so I'm hoping all goes well.  Wish me luck and I will update soon :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Layout

I've been a little bored lately with my old layout and decided to clean it up a bit.....I plan on changing the avatar at the top tooo because my babies are a little bigger now but I'm going to have my new avatar customized so I'm just waiting on that to be finished. But I like the new look so far :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

We're Still Here!

"Lot's of craziness" has been the only way to describe the last few weeks here in the Land O'Valentin{s}.  Easter was B-A-N-A-N-A-S! We woke up super late and it was soooo hard to pry those easter baskets out of little hands to get them ready ....that we ended up missing church ...much to my dismay!  However we planned months ago that in addition to church we were going to give our kids a little historical education on christianity on Easter.  So we bought tickets to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition in the Discovery Time's Square Museum.  Daddy and I were stoked to see this exhibit! Even Fifi asked a few times,

"When are we going to see the Dead Sea Turtles thing."

LOL!  I had to keep telling her what it was.  Anwho, we get there and they kindly inform us that the policy is ...


I was so pissed ....but i did sneak a few pics when no one was looking too bad they came out blurry :(

oh ....and also


Seriously?  You have got to be flippin' kidding me! Ummmmmmm don't you think you should have that somewhere in BIG BOLD LETTERS people spending $100 buying tickets aren't wasting their time.  Had I known that ...just me and Mr. V could've gone another day when we had a babysitter.  My son is an angel in his stroller when we go out and Sofia 4 yrs old is also pretty darn good going we knew this would be an awesome thing to show them.  YEAH RIGHT!  Try taking a toddler .....going through the terrible 2's..... into a musuem with 2,000 yr old artifacts and tell him not to touch anything.  Granted my son's admission was free because you only pay for kids 4 and up, but if strollers aren't allowed why don;t they just say kids under 4 not allowed.  They also informed us that none of the Museums in NYC allow stollers!  I really don't see the problem .....I just had a tiny umbrella stoller but whatever!

So I attempted to carry him .....which ended in lots of screaming and we ended up leaving within 20 minutes.....but not before he decided to punch a 2,000 yr old vase and and even older bathtub.....LOVELY! Luckily nothing broke....and thank God most of the artifacts were behind glass.

 At least they looked cute :)  I did want to get some pics of us too but my camera battery died right as we went outside so I had to charge it in the car on the way to NYC :(

Daddy n the little troublemaker as we were going in.  Can you tell he's already schemin' on what he can do in that place ...hahah!

Other than that fiasco Easter was good .......we just picked up Chinese food on the way home because we were too exhausted too cook and since we have no family here to visit we just wanted something quick.  We have also had awesome weather lately for April ....Mid 70's and sunshine is perfect and I was so happy to get the kids outside.  On this day I took Sofia out in the backyard while the baby was napping .  I think the ISO was too high or my shutter speed to slow so I'm sorry these are so bright.

Anyway hopefully my next post won't have 2 weeks in between .....we have alot going on right now and some possible big changes coming up next month for our family....I mean REALLY BIG.....but I don't want to jinx anything so for now I have to leave you in suspense for a bit but I will try to post at least once this week :)

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