Friday, November 2, 2012


Lately life is ....well......boring ...but hectic at the same time.  Boring in the sense I'm working a sucky shift ....ALL.THE.TIME.....and hectic in the sense when I do finally get out ........all my time is running around and trying to catch up my ETSY orders.  Holiday time on ETSY  is insane! So needless to say I'm not posting as often.  Frankly I feel a bit relieves to not be blogging so much because right now with my work schedule I really need to just focus on my kids and getting everything settled. 

We did however go on a playdate with another ATL mama which was really fun.  It's been ...well.....FOREVER....since we've hung out with someone else with babies so that was really nice to have some "Mom Time".  It feel really good to finally get out and make some friends here :)

Other than that not much going on ......I can't promise much in the way of blogging right now so here are a few pics recently to hold you over ....yes many days we still get to wear short sleeves. So Im loving the GA weather!

La Fashionista!

The Little Mister at the playground a few weeks ago :)

I will be posting one more giveaway before the holidays so check back for that :)
Happy Friday!


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