Monday, May 7, 2012

I got the JOB!!!!

Obviously the post title speaks for itself...and if any of you follow me on twitter you probably already know that I job the job in Atlanta I posted about a few weeks ago!!! Tentatively I'm supposed to start 7/1.....Well really Monday 7/2 so May and June I may not be posting much because we will be super busy packing  and looking for places.....and wrapping things up in New Jersey.

I'm so elated over this because we have been wanting to leave NJ for awhile and this couldn't have happened at a better time. Mr. V's Company (Best Buy) as many of you may know is downsizing :::boos at Best Buy::: and unfortunately after 11 years he will be leaving the companyBut God is great and I prayed and prayed about this and God has blessed me with an amazing opportunity to stay with the same company I've been with the last 7 years in a much less expensive area of the country.

Luckily this position will give me the financial ability to take care of everything we need while Mr. V works at starting his own business (more on that later).  I'm also stoked Sofia will be able to start kindergarten in the fall there .....So many things are just falling into place for us after going through some hard time in Jersey.  I can't wait to start our new life in GA!!!!!!!!!!! ATL here we come!

***UPDATE*** I'm more than a little pissed right now....apparently in GA you must be 5 by 9/1 to start kindergarten ....Sofia is 5 on 9/11 and is already enrolled to start in NJ in the fall because you must be 5 by November here.  Seriously?!?!?!?1 #$&(*@&*(&#*$&(*#&$(#&!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of all my baby is stoked to go to school and now she is going to be so dissapointed!


  1. Thank you thank you ladies ....we are super excited!

  2. Congrats!!! hope they consider Sofia's date of birth.

  3. How exciting!!!!! Congrats on the move! And seriously, it will be so nice to move out of such an expensive area of the country {like you said}! When we moved from LA to LV, it was like an instant raise...super nice :)


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