Monday, March 5, 2012

Retail Therapy at Woodbury

First let me say that I'm so sorry for the lack of posting with any real substance or photos lately .....I can't seem to get out of this blog funk :( Plus I'm a bit frustrated with my camera and haven't picked it up in about a week. I have your basic entry-level DSLR (Nikon D500) and I have 2 prime lenses but the main one I use is a 50 mm lens. The sucky thing is that it doesn't autofocus with most entry level DSLR's. That coupled with the fact that my kids think when I break out the camera it's time to run all over the place = a very grouchy me with no pics :( Soooooooooo I wanted to purchase the 50mm 1.8g af-s lens which is basically the same lens but an upgrade and WILL autofocus with my camera. However I pre-oredered it 2 months ago and it's still out of stock. The store keeps telling me they're waiting for shipment from Nikon and have no idea when they will come in.  Not only that but every Best Buy in the United States is also out of stock on this lens.  Best Buy also says Nikon has been slow shipping this lens.  Seriously Nikon?  WTH? You're killin' me here!!!!!I don't really feel like ordering this lens on EBAY either from someone in Hong Kong because I will probably never get it !  So what should I do .....keep waiting ?  Or say screw it and just upgrade the camera body instead?  I dunno ....sorry for the vent but I'm pissed !  And what do you do when you are pissed........SHOP!!!!!!

So yesterday we headed out with the kids to Woodbury Commons in Upstate New York and this outlet mall is no joke!  If you live in the North East you MUST go there.  Stores there include .....Gucci, Micheal Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, J. Crew, 7 For All Mankind, Roberto Cavalli, Diane Von Furstenberg......just to name a few! HEAVEN right?!?!?!?!?

I bought Sofia these cute Sperry's and I think I'm gonna go back and get some for myself and for Antonio.  Sofia loves them and won't take them off! So cute!  We also went into the Disney Store Outlet and Daddy had to drag me out of there because I wanted to buy the whole store!  Especially when you have a daughter and you see her little eyes light up over all those dresses and dolls :)

They also have a Solstice Store where Alberto bought a pair of Carrera racing glasses  (whatever that means?)  for $69.  I also fell IN LOVE with a paid of Kate Spade sunglasses that retail normally for $150 for $70. I didn't buy them only because I don't wear sunglasses often enough plus I'm afraid my kids will get ahold of them and break them like they've done to every other pair.  I may still go back and get them though.  The pic on the right isn't the exact ones....but close enough :)

We were about to leave when I spotted the Yankee Candle Store and we couldn't pass it up. I bought one of the "Good Morning" fragrance jar candles. ...SMELLS DIVINE!  But honestly it was my 2nd choice.  I really wanted a "Pink Sands" candle but they were out of stock. That candle is by far my favorite! The sales lady told me it was the #1 seller last year so they sell out quick ....So I guess I will just have to go online to look for it :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well ...I'm just going through all my favorite blogs and reading your updates now....Happy Monday!


  1. I would have passed out! I need to get to the Gucci outlet asap! Don't they have one in NJ?

  2. Ahhh yes girl my heart was beating fast over all those stores! Woodbury has a gucci outlet .......and there are a couple other outlets in NJ but none with that many stores! Plus Woodbury Commons is only about 20 minutes over the border from NJ up into its not too far away :)

  3. im sorry to hear about your camera... i cannot imagine not being able to auto focus with E running around like a nut.

    p.s. i need to go shopping with YOU! that sounds like heaven to me.

    and i need to get E some of those sperrys! too cute for words!

    1. YES! If you are ever in the NYC/NJ area I will soooooooooooooooooooooooo take you shopping with me here IS no doubt HEAVEN! you should definitely get E some sperry's she would look adorable! and they're comfy too with a nice sole for outdoor play!

  4. i ordered that same lens on amazon with no problems at all. have you looked into that? sounds like nikon is majorly bueno.

    as for retail therapy...gotta love it. the hole it makes in your wallet...notsomuch. but meh it's a good trade off to me. ;)

  5. Yes but the hole in my pocket .....well ....LOL....Im not even minding so much ..hehehe.

    You know what I will check Amazon....I haven't looked there


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