Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fish Suck!

Mainly because I'm gonna break my kids heart if I tell her the 2nd fish has died. Yeah ...You read it right ....the 2nd one has died. Remember "Doggie" I posted about HERE? Well he started getting ICH which is a common fish sickness apparently, so we picked up some medicine for the tank in the pet store and he died a day later.

My poor baby cried but she said she wanted to flush him since she was his "mommy".  So I explained to her that some pets die....it's part of life ....yada yada.  Then we said a prayer and she flushed him :-(  She also told her abuela that good fish go to Heaven and bad fish go to the Toilet........HA!

So anywho.......we went back to the store last week and instead of another Beta we got a gold fish since they informed us at the store we could only get a goldfish in the tank we have since it's not heated.   This one was a pretty little red and white gold fish and they name her Ponyo...yes like the movie :)  Well sure enough this one started getting ICH too (white spots) so we tried the medicine again this morning.  Mr. V. just texted me now that Ponyo just died too! Both fish died after that medicine.  What are we doing wrong?  we made sure the temps were right and we used the water conditioner too.  They even fed her the correct amounts!  I feel so bad they are dying.  We aren't going to tell Sofia this one died but Mr. V. is going to go get a "new" Ponyo.  If this one dies......then no more fish! 

Does anyone have fish that can give me some advice?

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  1. Lol. Your fish had a fish sickness? I don't mean to laugh but I've never heard of that before and it sounds so funny.


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