Tuesday, March 6, 2012

35 mm VS. 50 mm...your thoughts?

Ok ladies with camera/lens knowledge...I need your help......or advice really.  As I stated in the last post I have been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for the lens I pre-ordered.  I wanted the 50 mm 1.8g (I already have the 50 mm 1.8d....which doesn't autofocus with my D5000)

Well it's been 2 months ....and for an impatient person like me thats TOO long! Nikon was of no help saying that since I preordered the lens.....when they do ship to my store I will be the first to get it.  Ummmm ...NO Shizz Nikon...really? That's why I preordered it .....but they have no idea when that will be.  SO ....I caved......I can't keep waiting.  I need something that will autofocus with my camera and I don't really have the $$$ to upgrade the body right now.  I can't take pics of squirmy fast moving toddlers in manual focus mode!  So I bought this ...the 35 mm 1.8g instead for about the same price

Any thoughts ladies?  Will I love it as much as the 50mm ?  Can any one give me a little more insight on which they like better or prefer shooting with?  Please Please Please?


  1. dude- you'll love it more.

    you're working with a crop sensor camera (as am i- D90) so the 50mm is really tight indoors (& out imo)so the 35mm is perfect.

    i use it for 99% of my shots of the girls (i do use my 105 for most of my portrait work & macros- but most of my shots taken while chasing the girls around are with the 35mm)

    some people will tell you that there's distortion with the 35mm- but i never see it. maybe a little bit if you're shooting portraits up close & in your face- but again, crop sensor here- so it's barely noticible.

    i love it. it's fast & light but so very sharp. you'll love it too.

  2. Yay! I thought so! Im so freaking impatient i paid $20 for the overnight shipping ! Most of my shots are the kids anyways so i figured for that it will be perfect ....those little stinkers move fast! and they like to run away when i whip out the camera.

    Now you have me so excited ! Thanks for the info!

  3. I too have a Nikon and use the 35mm almost all the time.,,

    Glad to have you at trigger hop. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now

  4. How did I miss THIS post?!? And how the heck did you manage so well on manual focus? Ay dios mio! Anyway, I shoot mostly with my 50mm on a crop sensor and, like the first commenter, it is SOOOOO {like SOOOO} tight indoors. Drives me totally insane. And while I adore it outdoors, I detest using it all inside...so ya. Anyway, your babies are precious :) Besos.


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