Monday, February 6, 2012

The nerve of some people!

So Saturday I'm at the supermarket..........and I get in the "15 item or less" line.  I put my stuff on the belt (having not counted it) and no sooner do I hear a snarky voice behind me say ...

"Excuse me but this is the express checkout line"

Mind you I don't have much ....but I proceed count my stuff anyway and tell the lady ....I have 17 items.  she replies.....

"So you're not gonna leave the line?  To hell with the rules right?  Because you know RULES are RULES!"

I say...

"No, Not to hell with the Rules....just to hell with you!"

By this point my kids are grabbing at candy in the checkout and getting whiny and I'm not about to take all my stuff off the belt and leave the line. Besides.....all of the super bowl shoppers were out in full effect and each line had like 20 people anyway. Hence the reason i want to the express checkout with my 17 items...I really did think I was 15 or anywho........She keeps talking crap behind me and I'm trying to ignore her....but then she says....

"And you're screaming kids will hold up the line even longer."

NO.THIS.BITCH.DIDN'T!  Now by this point shes bringing my kids into the argument.  All moms know that checking out is the worst with toddlers.....especially with all those goodies right at eye level for the kids in seriously cut me some slack here!  So I turn around and try to "Keep it Christian" and say ...

"Is it really that serious?  I'm 2 items over......2 items!

She moves closer....get's about an inch from my face and is now shouting at me ....

"It IS that serious...You should follow the RULES!

Now my blood is boiling and I'm thinking really don't want me to get Jersey on you lady because seriously don't judge me.  You look to be in your mid-50's .....alone kids.....and judging by all those cans of cat food you have are the creepy neighborhood cat lady! Keep your misery to your DAMN self!

Being the refined {I use that term loosely}lady I am .....I decided that rather than punch this lady and get an assault charge with my kids in tow I will be the bigger person and leave the line.  So yes....i put all my stuff in my cart and changed lines.....but not before whispering so my kids couldn't hear...

"You're a psycho BITCH!"

There is a funny ending here though ............I now have to wait in the regular lines packed with about 20 people each .....I wait ....and who do I see coming now ?  You guessed it....the PSYCHO-PATH! She walks over to courtesy ...has to wait behind 5 people...and is now rolling her eyes at all of them.  She gets up to the cashier and says she was charges wrong for everything.


Seriously though I overreacting?

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  1. Not at all! You are a better person than I because i would have gone all Jersey on her! And taught my daughter how!


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