Thursday, February 2, 2012

Easter outfits already? Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?  Yeah ..probably.  But when I see something I fall in love with, my mind goes all sorts of crazy. I'm guessing the fact that it's been unusually warm and snow-free here in Jersey that has my mind racing with thoughts of spring time. Yesterday and the day before it got up to 63 degrees!!!!!!!!! That...and the fact that every store has all their adorable spring lines out already....YAY !So this year I'm going to shy away from the traditional pastels and go for something a little more bold Navy and Emerald Green.....which are both amazing colors on my tots! So far I have my heart set on these outfits for Easter....

Sofia's Outfit is all from Janie and Jack and Antonio's from Baby Gap.....but I will probably make her a headband because I'm not super in love with this one.


  1. Stopping by from the Thursday Hop to say hello.

    Have a great day!

  2. haha I totally bought the boys their shirts from Gap the other day! They had 3 matching plaid ones that will be perfect!:) I love what you chose! The color combo is perfect!

    1. Love GAP!!!!!!!!! I bet your boys are gonna looks so handsome!!!!!! You better post pics!!!!

  3. I was just thinking I was the only crazy person thinking about Easter outfits already! Thanks for making me feel better lol!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gap and they have some beautiful stuff! THANK YOU for stopping by my blog hop today!!! LOVE your blog and your hair looks gorgeous!


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