Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We have a new name!

Yep...i did it.....I changed my blog name and I love it so much more than my old blog name.  I know it was a quick decision ....but what do ya think? "Be My Valentin" just seemed the perfect name for us since my kids are both Valentins.........and I will be a Valentin.... soon........ :::hint hint Mr. V in case you are reading:::....Now Im just working on making a new button.

The only thing that sucks is that I notice my stats dropped tremendously ......Im guessing if anyone was following using the old URL ....maybe its not coming up in their blog roll anymore ...BOO! I hope they all find their way back :)


  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the welcome wednesday hop! Since I don't know what your blog name previously was, I can comment beyond saying I LOVE what it is now! :) I have changed my blog name a few times too and know it can be scary (and disheartening to see your stats change) but don't worry, it all irons itself out!

    feel free to stop by my blog! I'm hosting a Pinterest linkup right now!

  2. I love your blog! Great new name. I'm going to make sure to update my dashboard so I get your updates at this new name! Hopefully Mr. V. will get the hint soon! :)

  3. I am a new follower from Welcome Wednesday. I'm not sure what your old name was, but I like the new name ;) I am sure they will find there way back once again!

    Erika - My Road to Savings

  4. I love the new name. Very cute and creative. I am a new follower from Wobble Over Wednesday. I hope you will stop by my blog @

  5. Love the new blog name!! And hopefully your "mister" catches the hint ;)

    I'm a new follower! Please feel free to stop by my blog & follow back if you like :)


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