Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Trip to the ER :(

Thursday night I was so happy my babies were finally coming home from being in Harrisburg with my mom.....and 2 days early! Well my mom told me that early that afternoon Sofia was complaining of belly pain.....and had been all afternoon. Earlier that week she had really bad smelling pee too so she was going to see her pediatrician on Saturday morning to check for UTI.

So, Thursday night, once they got home, my poor princess was almost doubled over in pain crying. I quickly dressed her and took her to the hospital because she was just there in September and it seemed like she may also have an intestinal infetion like before.

Once we got there they checked her out almost immediately.  They tried to take blood but she was so tense that her veins kept tightening and they couldn't get anything.  I felt terrible because she kept screaming "mommy, mommy" and I just told her to squeeze my hand.....but it hurt me so much to see her in pain like that that as I was holding her hand I had to look away because I was crying more than her! Finally after poking her again in the other arm they got enough blood out.

Then what seemed liked hours of waiting they came back and told me there was a blood clot!  As you can imagine I freaked out thinking my child had a clot somewhere inside her but the nurse quickly calmed me down and told me it wasn't a clot inside.  Her blood clotted during testing ......but that meant they had to draw it all overs......and so began more tears ....for both of us :( Even worse was that she was dying of thirst and they wouldn't let her drink even water.  But I kept wetting a paper towel and letting her suck on that a little .....when the nurses weren't around :)

Anywho it turns out she did have a UTI ....and a pretty bad one at that.  But they put her on an IV with antibiotics and now after a few days on it shes feeling much better thank goodness!!!!!!!! So needless to say my much needed trip to the salon got put on hold ....but hopefully I will have a post this week with a new do.  More importantly my baby is ok now though! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Back to work tommorrow :(


  1. oh your poor little princess!!! so sorry to hear they had to stick her so many times... but glad that she is ok now!

  2. Thanks hun ..she is much better...the funny part is that after ....she told my mom "I was so brave I didn't even cry"......but she cried the whole time...hahaha


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