Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How Latino Kids Roll....and a few goals for 2012! {REVISED}

My kids can't deny they're Puerto Rican!  Antonio and Sofia are already playing one of the national pastimes of Puerto Rico...DOMINOES! Have to teach them from a young age! Even though all Sofia knows how to do is match the dots for now....it's still funny to watch them!

Now....onto things for 2012! First off let me say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas Season but I'm happy the holidays are over.  This year was a rough one for us financially and just all around so I'm ready to put the  past behind us and move forward into the new year, I'm soooooooo looking forward to spring!  The only thing I hate about right after the holidays is that NJ is so cold so it's hard to sit and wait around for warm weather to come back :(   But for now I will just scour the internet ...and PINTEREST......for all things springy and summer.  I can't wait to not have to bundle the kids up and to be able to wear flip flops and tanks again :) I long for days at the park, beaches, barbecues, pools, summer dresses and cold beers...mmmmmmmmm! Maybe a trip to Puerto Rico will also be in the cards for us this summer. 

But until then, here are just a few of my goals for 2012....I'll try to make them short and simple :)

  1. Join a GYM - preferably one with a playroom for the kids so I can workout more often!
  2. Find a Church Home - If you've read any past post we have been "church shopping" if you will......but I think we may have found the right one for us (more on that later)
  3. Be a Better Mommy - I love my kids more than life itself but sometimes (like all moms) I lose patience and yell or get upset with them. Sometimes I have to remember that kids will be kids and I need to have more patience with them. 
  4. Be a Better Christian - This kind of goes along with number 2.  I've already accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior but it's much more than that ....I really want to be more involved at church maybe in the children's ministry :-)
  5. Relationship Strengthening - It's no secret to some who know us personally that Alberto and I have had a rough road and 2011 was very had on our relationship but even though we both have things we need to change in ourselves we really have been trying to get back where we used to be and hopefully 2012 will help us get there.
  6. Organization on ETSY - Lately I've been slammed with holiday orders on ETSY so Im hoping to get organized and back on track in the coming months and find a routine to keep orders getting out on time.
  7. Move - I really want a bigger place for us and the babies but anyone from NJ know bigger usually means ALOT more expensive or you move to a bad neighborhood.  Ideally I would still like to move back down South ....after all ....I spent the first half of my life there.  My heart is there.  Hopefully we won't have to drown in NJ housing prices too much longer.
  8. Become a Better Photographer - as you may notice I don't have many pics of myself on this blog.....mainly because I'm usually the one behind the camera.  This makes me sad because it also means I don't have a lot of pics with my kids and myself together :(  This year Im hoping to really get some use of my tripod and remote and maybe take a photography class or two!
  9. Enjoy Life - {This may include drinking alot more wine} Many times I find myself getting caught up with the stress of work, kids, ETSY, $$$ troubles, etc........that I forget to have a good time and enjoy the little moments with my family....I'm working on that.
******REVISION****** - I would also like to add one more goal.......using fewer F-BOMBS {notice I said "fewer"}because I know completely eliminating them from my vocab probably won't happen.  I'll leave that goal for 2013!
    What are your 2012 Expectations?


    1. Great pics! I always love your pics of the kids. They're so adorable and it looks like they posed for the photos.

      Good luck with your goals. I'm sure you'll accomplish all of them by the year's end.

    2. My son loves dominos. We play a few times a week! I love dominoes, because they don't involve me running around the house or building forts (taking down forts!)

      I am your newest follower from the blog hop! Hope you have a chance to stop by www.busymomonthego.com
      can't wait to check out more of your blog!

    3. Hi! I found you through the Welcome Wednesday blog hop! I look forward to keeping up with your blog! Feel free to stop by http://maidinmotherhood.blogspot.com ! I have 2 young ones [4 and 2] that I would love to get connected to their puerto rican heritage (in-laws are from PR)- never thought to teach them dominoes!

    4. these are all FABULOUS goals and i think that 2012 will be a GREAT year for you. we are also church shopping... it's a must, we keep putting it off!

      p.s. i love the last one... enjoy life... may involve more drinking.


    5. Great list of goals for the New Year! I have some of the same goals myself this year.

      New follower here from the blog hop!

    6. i'm with you on #8...and definitely #9.

      ps. your puerto rican children are ADORABLE. i want to play dominoes with them and match the dots too! lol.

    7. heheheeheh I think i might move #9 up to the #1 position :)

    8. Y eres Puerto Rican?! Chica.... where have you been all my life?! I'm Cuban! Did you know that? We're practically neighbors :) Great goals for 2012...especially the more wine part. Y de verda, drinking more wine is totally on my "list of things to do after dropping this kid" list. Ha!

      1. Actually Im Panamanian & French .....and Alberto is Puerto Rican ....both of us are super fair skinned and you would never know.... .so the funny part is are kids have a great Latino Mix ....but look as white as can be!

        Imagine the suprise on peoples faces when they hear my kids busting out the spanish words!


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