Monday, January 16, 2012

Empty Inside.

You see this black hole .......

Well that's exactly what my stomach feels like right now. My babies have left me for a whole week to visit their grandma, great-grandma, and great great-grandma in Harrisburg. 2.HOURS.AWAY !  My mom came to visit and asked if she could come to NJ to get the kids for a week.  Of course I had no problem with it at all and I would never pass up an opportunity for them to spend time with family of for me and Mr. V  to have a kid free night out.......but I still feel so empty :(  I know they are safe and in good hands but I need to kiss and hug them every day and I can't do that. 

My main thing is that what if they cry for me and I am not there to hold them or comfort them.  Sure mom is there and they love her to pieces but I'm still Mommy.....and I feel so guilty now :(  Hopefully this week will fly by and I will be holding them again before I know it.  Now Excuse me....while I go cry.


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  2. My son is going to go stay with his grandparents for a week in another state. I feel ya!


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