Friday, September 30, 2011

End of Summer Updates + Photo OVERLOAD + Exciting News!

I keep saying over and over how I'm gonna post updates so here it is.

Summer was complete insanity this year. We moved to a new place which unfortunately needs a TON of work! Luckily we are only there for a year. We also had tons of family visiting from Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and needless to say time for blogging has been pretty much non-existent!

Daddy and babies in Central Park with their cousin Lyannis on the left (she was visiting from P. Rico)

We made 2 trips to my grandmothers new house in Harrisburg, PA which the kids abosolutely LOVED since they has so much space to run around and play.  These are a few pics of them out on her deck.  Antonio devoured EVERY.SINGLE.TOMATO she had growing outside!

A mouthfull of tomatoes!

No more pics mom!

Hanging out at the pool !


In addition, Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on NJ which forced us to evacuate for a couple of days. September has also been B-A-N-A-N-A-S for us. Sofia was in the hospital this month with an intestinal infection and a possible food allergy as well...(More on that in a later post.)

Sorry for the quality on this one but it was from my phone :(

A few days after her hospital stay my princess turned 4 years old. WOW!

Due to all that's been going on we didn't do a party but she gots lots of clothes and gifts, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese...which ended in tears as usual...LOL, and a ride on a horse trail.....also ending in tears! But I think she has a new found love for horses just like her mama did at that age :)

Now on to our big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Me and Daddy have been talking it over .....ALOT. ....And we have decided within a year or two we are going to try to relocate to ATLANTA!!!! Words cannot even express my excitement about this.  While I love NYC and all, I grew up the first half of my life down south and long to be back there.  Its a much better opportunity for our family and a better environment to raise our children in.  I am waiting for a specific position to open up there within my job and God-willing if I get the job we will be moving.  I'm so over the cold weather and paying and arm and a leg to live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment!  Plus Alberto's brother is there so we have some family there as well.

Anyways that's pretty much it.  For now we will be enjoying our last (hopefully) winter and fall up north.  Now that summer is over I should be back to a regular blogging routine!  Also if you have time don't forget to stop by my ETSY store and check out some of my new fall stuff :)!!!!!

A Message within a Message?

Once again I will start off by saying that I'm sorry for my absence lately can sometimes get the best of all of us and mine has been extremely busy lately .......Hopefully when I have time I will provide some updates.  However this morning I wanted to share something with everyone.

Recently I have been pretty disgusted with all of the music on the radio and TV.  I mean let's face it....we all know hip hop is the best music to dance to, but since when does every single song have to be about sex and vulgarity?  So we have been listening to Star 99.1 which is an amazing Christian radio station that plays some very powerful uplifting music.  Here are just a couple of my favorite songs they play....

After listening to them every day it really made me think of what I can do to change my life and the lives of my children. Meaning becoming more involved in church, and living by HIS example.

So this morning I get to work and I got a random text message that reads:

"Happy Friday and a Blessed day to you my friend.  Becasue HE himself suffered when HE was tempted,  HE is able to help those who are being tempted"  Hebrews 2:18

Naturally since I work at a wireless company I looked up the number and I have no clue who this person is and I don't recognize the name.  But even if they texted the wrong person by accident.....what a wonderful message to receive on a Friday morning!  Could there be a deeper message there from above?

Have any of you ever received some type of "sign" or "message"?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matchy Halloween Ideas Anyone?

So lately I've seen a few blog posts already about Halloween Costume ideas and now I'm getting all these ideas going in. Originally Sofia had her little heart set on Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)for the longest time.  Naturally I thought the cutest things would be to dress Antonio as "the Beast".  Unfortunately I have yet to find a Beast Costume thats a size 2T :( I only found one on ETSY but for a whopping $225.00 I can't justify it for one night. Plus when I mentioned the idea of him being the smarty pants little 4 yr. old said, "He's not allowed to copy me mommy....make him Spiderman!"  Little does she know mommy runs the show and I will make them match :::laughing my evil laugh:::

So these are the next contenders..................

1.  Dorothy and the Lion - this would be even cuter if I had 4 kids so i could have all 4 :::eats 20 BC pills:::  the Dorothy one is from GoodyGoodyTutus on ETSY.

2. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell - I actually love this one because the Peter Pan costume is not girly at all.  I don't think Antonio's dad would be to fond of his son in tights.  The Tinkerbell costume is from PetitPeanut on ETSY.  There are tons of cute tinkerbell costumes but this one was my fav!

3.  Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2  - This one is different but I think super adorable and Sofia's my first baby and Antonio is my 2nd ....why not Thing 1 and Thing 2 !!!! And the best party is Sofi's is still a cutesy girly tutu....also from ETSY of course!

Does anyone else have any cute matchy ideas ????????


Hey all.........sorry for such a long hiatus in blogging but my ETSY shop is booming .....probably thanks to many of you!  So needless to say I've been super duper busy processing orders plus I've had so much going on with my family leaving ZERO blog time.  If you want the opportunity to win some of my closet dividers check out the stylish and cute new mommy blog TOYS IN THE DRYER!!!!!!

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