Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day in the Park!

For anyone who has has kept up with my blog you definitely now we are Central Park and NYC lovers. NYC is our go-to place on weekends!  Father's Day Alberto's cousin and his son and fiance came in town so we spent the day in Central Park with them.  We got our usual gyros MMMMMMMMMMMMM! Then we just walked around! All in all a very relaxing day!

Smothering her baby brother with kisses as always!

Always with the crazy faces when I try tio get pics :(

Me n my girl

Love her !

Cooling OFF

Hangin with Daddy :)

At Belvedere Castle

 Watching the boats.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends as well! Stay tuned I have a review coming up for those of you ladies who love to have that summer glow year round!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day is bittersweet for us :(

Father's Day is always one of those bittersweet days for our family. Both mine and Alberto's fathers passed away within the last few years and father's day just reminds us they are gone :( No cards to send them. No father's day outings. No more phone calls. Nothing. Losing a parent leaves a void that can never be filled.

The worst part is that my children will never have either one of their biological grandpa's to build memories with. The other day I was leaving the mall and I saw the cutest old Greek man holding his granddaughters hand...trying to teach her Greek words and I just thought to myself, "How can it be that my babies will never have that?" When my kids have all their little milestones I always say. "Dad...I hope your up there watching because I can't believe your missing this."

So now that I've made all of you depressed .......Check out how much my son looks like his Grandpa Dave! This first one is my dad in kindergarten and the 2nd is my son (alot younger) at 1 1/2. Everyone is always saying how much they look alike. I just wish he could've lived to see them grow up but it makes me happy when I see my dad in my son :)

I can only hope he grows up to be as handsome and smart and funny as this guy was! 

Happy early Father's Day Daddy! We Miss you! This song is for you!

Just a few more pics of my prince .........................

Baby Hercules carrying my rice box around the house!

Tommorrow is Father's Day so I hope you all make it count and hug your Dad's! Let them know how much you love them.  Even a phone call to say "I love you"!  Happy early Father's Day everyone!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Help me photograph my toddler!

So can someone please give me some hints to photograph a hyper 3 yr old? I'm trying to get shots of my daughter for her birthday party invitations and she is just not cooperating. The theme is "Mermaids/Under-The-Sea" and I got her the cutest petti romper and made her 2 matching headbands but shes more concerned with running all over and I'm really trying to get a classic elegant photo :( HELP ME ....any tips are welcome! We are going to try again tommorrow but this is all I got today :( Maybe to better go with the theme we should hit the beach instead ?????

Scared of a bug :)

Not to brag but my kid is gorgeous and I feel like I cannot capture he beauty at all on camera.....


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Look who eats with a spoon!

Well at least he tries to. This is not always a good thing because he gets more food on him than in his mouth but yet refuses to let me feed him now. I can't believe next week he will be 17 months? OMG.....that's a month away from  1 1/2 .........ugh fever could be setting in very soon!  :::kicking self for even thinking that:::

He usually ends up using his hands too.....but Hey's a start!
I refuse to acknowledge that my baby is turning into a "big boy". :::tearing up:::

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MarbleSpark Personalized Book - [Giveaway Winner]

So I decided to keep this giveaway open a bit longer and we finally have a winner........

Heidy G said... 1
OMG ERICA, I just love your blog and all of your contests! I never get the chance to enter any of them but when I saw this I absolutely fell in love. I love this idea. Alani, my 4 year old daughter, loves to read and she would this book. Brilliant idea!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3 Day Weekend Recap :)

Hey all!!!!!!!! I hope you hade a lovely memorial day !!!!!!!!!  We sure did and this is probably gonna be one of the longest posts...EVER! Well.....more so the most photos EVER in one post.  Hey what can I say...I like to take pics! Anywho this weekend was freakin awesome! We've lived here for years and still LOVE LOVE LOVE going into NYC!  This weekend was the first time taking my little guy and gal there via the subway and they loved it.

Antonio a bit nervous listening to the subway trains while we waited :)

I think she was a bit nervous at first too

Daddy was puttin in work ...hehehehehe!

If you ever visit NYC ...skip the hot dog and get a gyros...NYC gyros are the best! and this cart was right outside the World Trade Center stop.

Of course I made Daddy get me a gyro.....

........and this baby was gone in about 1.5 seconds.

After what seemed like forever we finally got to Central Park :)

Me and my baby doll :)

Chasing pigeons :)

Our little family

Enjoying her first snow cone

Check out the new construction on the freedom towers....bittersweet.

Daddy spent the rest of the weekend tinkering with his bike and then swimming in the pool with Fifi

Oh-so serious!

I told her give me a model pose.....this is what I got...LOL

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