Friday, April 29, 2011

Week Recap

I had lots of posts planned for this week but I had such a busy week that I really didn't have time to post anything until now! This week flew by because one of my very best friends from PA came to visit for a day to go sightseeing in NYC with me.  I had such a blast with her and was truly sad when she left...but hopefully she will be visiting again !!!!!!!!!!!  Here are just a few pics of us enjoying the craziness that is NYC.....don't mind my mess of hair .........anyone with curly hair knows humidity wreaks havoc on us.

Miss Brittney loving the city life

 Some pics are out of wasn't used to working the DSLR

Add caption

Check this guy out...he's always in Times Square!........ What a freak! I guess it takes all types to make the world go round!

I think B was a little scared of him ....hahah

Note to self: Don't buy beer in Times Square.........I knew they were expensive but sheesh, you also dont get alot for your $$$.....Where I was raised, shots are bigger than this! But thats NYC for ya!

I finished up the week with tons work at my job and now its finally Friday .......and I'm relaxing with my bebes watching Rapunzel and having pizza and soda/juice

.....which makes for happy babies

Hope you all enjoy the weekend ahead!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will.....haircuts and playgrounds tommorrow then my friends little boy is having his 3rd birthday party on Sunday so we shall be super busy! So excited!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More tubby time fun!

Don't get me wrong ...I love photographing my daughter but right now shes more interested in running from the camera or trying to take it out of my hands so I usually have to beg her to take a pic....which usually ends up looking overly "posed" :-( My son on the other hand is always happy to smile for me.  So for now I'm taking advantage of that because I'm sure before long he won't want mama snapping away in his face all day!

Last night he was having a bit too much fun in the tub usual!

That gap-tooth smile just melts me every time!

Another boo-boo this week :-( !

His new thing is screaming at the top of his lungs funny!


Plastic is not very tasty mom :(

Awwww....big sister brought him her fishies to play with :)

I was planning to finally post their Easter photo shoot from a few weeks ago tommorrow .....but I don't foresee me getting those pics uploaded anytime soon so hopefully next week. And in case I don't post at all .....I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families and that we all remember the real reason we are celebrating the holiday! God Bless!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Passion for Fashion .....BABY STYLE!

Fall/Winter 2010 baby fashion didn't really impress me too much but I'm over the moon with all the cute styles out for Spring/Summer 2011!!! With all my couponing savings I'm excited to pick up some new things for my bebes!!!!!!!! Here are a few of my favorites I've found lately.....

I absolutely LUUUURRRRRVVVVEEEE me some gold and white in the summer and these are just adorable from TARGET! I just found them this morning and I'm already obsessed.  The gold fishy and coral and turquoise give them a sort-of "greek-esque" look to them!

BABY GAP also just listed online their new seaside collection in such gorgeous purples and blues ....


and for the boys..........


JANIE AND JACK is a bit pricier but has great quality and gorgeous collections...won't those coral bubble shorts go so cute with those fishy sandals from Target!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last but not least one of my favorite places for the kiddies as well as myself....H&M!!!!!! Their website just changed so now you can see all the styles unlike before and I think they will be offering online shopping very soon (which could be my demise)! I truly feel for you if you don't have one in your area because they have the cutest styles with prices that won't break your bank account!

This is one of my faves from H&M. It comes in 3 colors and is only $4.95!!!!

I'm also loving this summery dress that comes in blue pink and white!

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