Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Word{ful} Wednesday - Christmas and a Car Crash.

Sorry I haven't posted since last week.....but yeah..... you read that correctly.......I was in a car accident! Merry flippin' Christmas to me ...right?!?!?! I was driving with my son in the backseat to the supermarket and a 90 year old lady ran a stop doing at least 30-40 mph. I was already part way into the intersection when I could see she wasn't gonna stop, so I hit my break so she wouldn't hit me on the driver's side door and instead she plowed into the front end of my car!  So after dropping a few {by a few I mean like 20} F-Bombs {don't judge me!}, I got out of my car....and spoke to this lady.  She really had the nerve to say, "I'm sorry I didn't see you.  The sun was in my eyes."

Ummmm.....last time I checked ....if you can't see and the sun is in your STOP......or go super slow! You don't drive 40 mph through a stop sign!  Luckily it wasn't on the other side where my son was sitting ..Praise GOD!

Oh well now her insurance can pay for all the damage she did.  It may not look like much from the outside but my front bumper was hanging.  The lights are smashed, turning signals don't work, windshield wipers are acting up, alignments off, steering wheel is shaking like crazy, rims scratched and bent a little, and the whole innner frame is smashed to pieces...GRRRRRRRR.  Don't mind the SNOOKI-ESQUE tape job courtesy of Alberto.   I guess it suits me since I am in Jersey.....LOL

This pic was taken from above and shows inside the bumper where the frame is smashed.

In more positive news we had a great Christmas but my camera battery charger is MIA and my phone was dead too so I got not ONE.SINGLE.PHOTO. of my bebes opening presents ...BOO! But it was great ...we spent the day at home cooking and eating and enjoying family.  Hope you all had a great holiday as off to worry about my car :(


  1. Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope your car is back to as good as new quickly.

  2. omg!! glad you guys are okay... but are we serious here, ugh time to take that license AWAY!

  3. Yeah serious....they do need to take that license away .....I was just happy she didn't hurt any of us especially my son !


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