Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show Me Yours.......

Because I would love to show you MINE! My Christmas list that is! Get your minds out of the gutter people! But really...I love doing this post every year.  It always takes me back to childhood when I would start thinking of all those things I "needed".  Now my own 4 yr old has finally started her list and I was amazed that at the very top of her list....before she put what she wanted, she wrote:

"Santa...please bring a truck for my brother .....and a new laptop for my mommy"

Yup ....my kid is AWESOME!  And I'm also writing this .....just in case you happen to be reading Santa! I've been a really good girl......well at least for the last couple of months...I think :)  

  1. 90mm Macro Lens - for when I really wanna get up in my kids' faces :)
  2. Photoshop CS5 - who doesn't want this?
  3. Sandwich Maker - I have wanted this for years and its only $20 ...lords know why i haven't just bought it myself.....but it makes some kick butt sandwiches!
  4. A nice comfy pair of TOMS 
  5. Apple iMac Desktop - Santa, a laptop would be awesome too but I'm more of a desktop gal!
  6. The KEURIG!!!!!! What I love this! For lazy people like me who dread making coffee....this is the best invention ever....pick your flavor and put it in the machine....2 seconds!
  7. A nice vacation in sunny Puerto Rico - but this I WILL get no matter what :)
  8. Number 8 is self explanatory :::hint hint Santa!:::
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  1. loving all the things on your list!

  2. Toms are high on everyone's list around here too :) Stopping in to say hey and follow from today's hop - hope you have time to visit today and return the favor too. www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com

  3. okay your list is pretty awesome. all things i love... and i'm especially hoping that santa brings you number 8. he BETTER!

  4. love your list! the keurig is the best invention ever!! :)

  5. Im really hoping for # 8 too ! but anything else would be just as nice :)

  6. LOVE #8!:) COME ON SANTA!!:)Dude you totally need that sandwich maker...it makes killer pizza sandwiches! YUM!!! Loving your list!!! xo

  7. Allie - Yes 8 would be ideal....lol :) but you must give the the recipe for the pizza sandwich...LOL...Im guesing just cheese pepperoni and sauce??? unless you have any secret stuff u throw in there .

  8. I got an iMac over the summer and it was THE. BEST. Upgrade ever!!! Its obviously pricey, but totally worth it :)

  9. i want a mac so bad! & for the sandwich maker.. i have a normal one..& a ....hello kitty one bahahah dont judge! you are so right about it making bomb-ace sandwiches!

    come stop by:

  10. Nice List. I bet Santa would like to know what your friends and coworkers would like for Christmas. I think they would like brownies, and J. Crew sweaters, and Philosophy perfume, and Michael Kors acessories. But that's just a guess. ;)


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