Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick Update on Antonio

Ok now I'm a little freaked out. As you know last night was Antonio's appointment for the lumps we found on his neck and the doctor found 4 total.  He said they could be swollen lymph nodes from him being recently sick, and if they are then they should go away within 3 weeks to a month.

However, he was a little concerned about the one behind his ear.  He said that one really may be a cyst and not the lymph nodes so if it doesn't go away in a month he wants to see him back again.  If it turns out to be a cyst they wont take it out just yet because he is too young.  For now he wants me to feel it a few times a day and make sure it stays soft and painless.  If I notice it getting hard or that it bothers him when I touch it I need to bring him in right away.  The reason being that he in CANCER! 

Now I'm freaking out and my mind is thinking worst case scenarios! Thanks doc for opening your big mouth!  I really hope and pray my little angel doesn't develop something like that.  I can't even imagine how parent's deal with that.  I mean, I guess you don't have a choice but to deal when faced with such a horrible disease but still.

Anywho.....please keep my baby in your prayers and hopefully I will have updates in a few weeks on all of this :)

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