Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Pictures = FAIL

Saturday we had our much anticipated appointment at Picture People so mama made sure all were up getting ready at the crack of dawn. Sure enough the day was stressful to say the least  and just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.....Let me break it down for you. Keep in mind the appointment was for 2 pm.

7 AM - Coffee is brewing and Antonio is waking up.

8 AM - Sofia is still sleeping and trying to get her up is like waking the I decide to let her sleep a little longer while I make breakfast for Antonio. angel {sense the sarcasm?}....had other plans and decides, that at almost 2, he can make his own cereal......and dumps and ENTIRE box of fruity pebbles on my carpet.  Thanks kid.  and as luck would have it as soon as I turn on the vaccuum, I sucked up a stray sock and snapped the belt.  GRRR!

So after 20 minutes of trying to scoop 20 lbs of fruity pebbles of the carpet....I get most of it up....only to have that powder from the bottom of the box get ground into the carpet by little feet who think its fun to run through whatever messes mommy is cleaning up.  YAY! Thanks again kid!

8:30 AM  - Sofia yelling, "Good Morning mommy......I peed all over your bed"  PERFECT.  Lets's go right to 9 am, because I'm sure I don't need to explain the last 30 minutes.

9 AM - I make scrambled eggs .......since that's all I have and need to go food shopping ASAP.

Antonio loves scrambled eggs ....but today decides he would rather spit them on the carpet.. {Remember there is no vaccuum at this point}..and Sofia ....whines "I hate scrambled eggs, I want boiled eggs"  SERIOUSLY KIDS? What kid asks for boiled eggs?

10 AM - After a 2nd breakfast of boiled eggs, kids are in the tub. Hmm let me run and finally grab a cup of coffee in the kitchenSure enough, before I even get a sip.....Sofia yells, "Mommy Antonio dumped a cup of water on the floor!" (INSERT 4-LETTER WORDS HERE) Coffee will have to wait.

11 AM - Kids are dressed now {mom still hasn't showered...or had coffee}.....and they feel the need to jump from the the the floor....REPEAT {about 50 times}...and I'm sure the neighbor downstairs wants to kill my children by now.

11:30 AM - I realize...."HOLY SHIZ-NAT! Sofia has no headband or bow!"  How the hell could I forget that? MOMMY BRAIN.  So I grab my glue gun and some needle and thread and red ribbon and slap together a pretty awesome headband in about 30 minutes.

12:00 PM - Kids and in the car and were driving down the street....2 hrs ahead of schedule.  I forgot the coffee...and the shower. (INSERT MORE 4-LETTER WORDS HERE...only said in silence since kids are close by this time). 

12:15  PM  - I hear, "I'm hungry and I really have to pee!"Ummm didn't you just have boiled eggs? and empty your bladder all over my bed? Detour McDonald's.  Forgot coffee...AGAIN!

1 PM - We're back on the road only to get to Picture People and have to drive around for 30 minutes looking for parking...GRRR....I could really use that coffee right about now!

2 PM  - We get to Picture People right on time and sure enough there are 5 gazillion people in line and I hear the lady saying, "Yes we are taking walk-ins, and there is about a 30 minute wait"

Is this #$%^ crazy?  What about all the people with appointments?......You're telling people they have to wait and you're still squeezing walk-in's in? WHATEVER!  30 minutes you say?  FINE.  We can manage.

4 PM - I won't go into details about the last 2 hours {full of whining and tantrums of course}.....YES I said 2 FLIPPIN' HOURS.  Not 30 minutes.....but we finally get with our photographer at 4 pm.  Neither kid will cooperate.  PERFECT!  Antonio also spots a fireman's hat and will not let go for the life of him.  Great....all of our Christmas pics will have a fireman's hat! Just what mommy wanted!

4:30 PM - Photographer seems a little frustrated.  Mommy is VERY frustrated.  I.GIVE.UP.  Pictures did not come out at all like I expected and while we were choosing our pics the lady said she would "soften" them which actually only made them look out-of-focus.  I gets that's what we get for going somewhere they hire teenagers to take professional pics!  Honestly...I could have probably taken better pics in my house ....which I plan to attempt this week.

5 PM - We finally walk out of the place only purchasing 5 pics and I take my butt straight to Starbucks before I kill someone! So to anyone who reads this and actually received some of the photos we took ....

I went through a day of get these to you! Merry Christmas! 
(BTW I can't post any online yet but I will try later this week.)


  1. Can't wait to see the pics. Your new name should be Erica Murphy. As in Murphy's Law. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Sounds like you had quite a day.

  2. Well at least the pictures (even if they are out of focus a bit) will have a funny story to go along with it :-)

    I have the same problem getting my kids to sit still for pictures - and the youngest is 21 !!

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!


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