Monday, December 19, 2011

EYE see you!

This weekend I wanted to play around with some editing....particularly eye enhancement or making the eyes "pop" in photos. My baby girl has amazing eyes so i thought why not get some eye shots with her....but sure enough shes still in the phase of making crazy eyes at me when I whip out the camera. Plus getting shots of her in soapy bath water wasn't the ideal location but at least she was contained here.....LOL....anywhere else shes won't sit still and is running around like a wild woman!

(all of these are SOOC but I will post the after editing later)


  1. I think they look neat and my favorite place to photograph is during bathtime. Makes for some really neat photos!!

  2. beautiful eyes, i love the last 2 photo

  3. Wow. She has such pretty eyes. Great pics. I would have to see the before and after because I can't see the eye pop thing. :(


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