Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Mingle - January 31st

Happy Monday people! Hope you all had an awesome weekends with your loved ones. I spent all weekend with my bebes at home since Daddy took his oldest daughter to Boston to visit her mom. We took a quick trip to Toys R Us too which turned into an hour of Sofia jumping into every Power Wheel! Who can blame her though ....I always wanted one as a kid too!

Anyway hope you all enjoy my mingle for the week! You can play along to at Eighty MPH Mom too by vlogging or just answering the questions in a post!

This weeks questions {week of 1/31/11} submitted by Paula from Thrifty Mommas Tips:

1. What is one food or drink you cannot live without?
2. Are you a foodie? Do you like to cook or are you a food blogger?
3. What is your one easy family friendly recipe, or amazing supersecret recipe that you are known for? Share it here if it isn’t a closely guarded family secret


ALso don't forget today is the last day to enter the Frigidaire Accessories Giveaway so gets your entries in!

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  1. Hi.
    Stopping by from the hops to say hello.
    Stop by if you get the chance.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi there I am a new follower from Monday Mommy. I really wanted to listen to your vlog but my netbook has a wretched speaker :(

    I hope you will have the chance to stop by my blog and say hello. Happy Monday!

  3. Rice is good! I come from a Filipino family so that was a main staple in our diets. When I got married, I switched to brown rice because it's healthier, but there are occasions when only white rice will do. :)

    Your salad sounds good! I think you should definitely blog it. We love salads here! :)

  4. Rice is so yummy, I'm with you there even though we don't eat it very often. I should make it tonight. Yumm!

    I think if you love to cook you are a foodie!

  5. I love white rice too but haven't had it in years unless it is used by my favorite sushi restaurant to wrap my dinner up in. What a sweet girl you have :)

  6. Thank you for joining the Makin' Me Crazy Monday Blog Hop!  Great blog!
    I'm your newest follower <3

    Nomie's Three Monsters

  7. I'm not a big rice fan - but that salad sounds amazing!

  8. Hi.
    Stopping by via the hops to say hello.
    Stop on by if you are able to.

  9. New Follower from Totally Tuesday Blog Hop, hope you will check my blog and follow me too! Thanks Amber

  10. I'm a new GFC follower from Totally Tuesday. I love your video! I have a new flip but I'm not nearly as cute on film as you are.


  11. I love white rice too!

    Red onions and olives in salad is so delish.

    Hi to the little people! *waves*

  12. Hello!

    Yep - I do hear him! I remember the days well :( Oh my, they are both very upset...yikes!

    I need to start reading more food blogs too - I really want to get some new recipes.

    I love salads too. And White Rice :)

    Thanks for mingling!


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