Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 Month Post

Better late than never right???  I wish I could be better with these updates as so many of you other ladies are bbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuutttttttt so many things have been happening lately that I feel like I just can't find a free minute! 

As of 9/12 my handsome little man is 8 months old! WOW I'm freaked out saying that because it only feels like yesterday I was on my way to the hospital to have him! :::sniff sniff::: So hes closer to 1 year now than to newborn and seeing him develop everyday is just so exciting to watch. I think once you have your second child you really enjoy the special moments more because you realize that they go by all to fast!

Anywho on with the updates ....... sorry in advance I don't have more pics little princess decided to take my camera and at this point we are pretty sure she threw it in the garbage (which has already been taken out)!


  • You now have 6 teeth ....4 on the bottom and 2 on the top which just came in this week!
  • You are well over 20 will see why in a minute :::wink wink:::
  • You can sit up like a pro now.
  • You crawl around like a pro with 3 different crawls  ARMY CRAWL, REGULAR CRAWL, and TURTLE CRAWL we call it .....because your hands and feet are flat but your butt is up in the air ! Wish I could have captured video of this before your sister hijacked the camera!
  • You eat everything and anything you can get your hands on....including whatever Mom and Dad are having!  Sometimes we just have to cut you off since you are a bottomless pit!
    • I think this is a latino family thing maybe.......since our little guy started on stage 1 baby foods in the bottle at 1-2 months and was eating regular foods by 6 months!  PLEASE NO SNARKY COMMENTS!!!
  • Antonio you are in amazement with both of your sisters much so that when they are in the room you forget all about poor Mommy :::pitying self:::
  • This week you also started pulling yourself up on everything and you love to shake your crib rail like a little crazy man!
  • You also have started saying "DA DA" which is too cute!
  • Your eyes have also been getting lighter blue like your big sister's instead of such a dark blue!
  • Mommy also loves that you are such a cuddle bug with her! You love snuggling up to mama and giving her loads of hugs and kisses which melts her heart to the core.
We pray everyday that you continue to grow and thrive and receive all of GOD's blessings and we cannot wait to see what plans our Lord has in store for you!  We love you so much more than you will ever know.  God Bless you little prince!



  1. LOL about the turtle crawl, how cute!! Love those baby kisses and hugs, nothing beats them!

  2. new follower!

    found ya from thirsty thurs. come visit us sometime.

    :)kelli & kristi


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