Friday, April 9, 2010

What to do?

Won't ya know I got a call from Fifi's nursery school this morning and aparently shes vomiting again.  During the week it also happened a few times off and on at my house and ever since the episode on Easter she hasn't really eaten anything.  She's also dropping pounds like crazy to the point where I'm extremely worried.  My little girly is tiny to begin with ever since she was born but now she looks malnourished and I feel like people are going to place blame like I don't feed my kid or something.

Take a guess what the effin pediatrician says today, "She's perfectly fine, give her some pedialyte and crackers......the secretary will collect your co-pay."  Are you kidding me?  I wish I was the one who took her to that appt. and not her Daddy.  UUUUMMMMMM hello doctor read between the is not normal for a 2 year to be completely lethargic for a week, vomiting, not eating, not drinking, not even a wet diaper! 

If shes not better by the time I get out of work we're heading to the hospital and finding a new pediatrician.

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