Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Karma Hates Me!

So no Wordless Wednesday for today because frankly ........I have diahrrea of the mouth today and can't stop cursing.  As if our stint in the ER and bout with food poisoning wasn't enough,  I came home last night to disaster in the dreaded mailbox! 

First, a notice of cancellation on my insurance stating that I would be cancelled very soon because I did not disclose my fiance as living with me.  Hello.....I can't add him to my policy since he is insured by his job and uses only a company car....I have to handle that today....I'm sure they could care less!

Second (this is the worst part).....a warrant for my arrest because of an unpaid ticket for my car being unregistered.  The funny thing is when I got the ticket i had no clue my car wasn't registered since I never got the renewal notice in the mail.  I never got that notice because the DMV had my apartment number wrong.  I know I know, I should be aware of the date of expiration on the card in my car but who looks at that.  So anyways.....I renewed the registration and kept putting of the ticket and eventually forgot about it.  UNTIL LAST NIGHT! 

So i had to turn myself in ...luckily they only made me stay a little while and not all night and I had to pay $114.00 (gggggrrrrrrrr).  But I had to get booked and take a mug shot ...WTF!!!!!!!

As if that wasn't enough ....I blew a tire on the Garden State Parkway this morning on the way work. FML!


  1. OMgosh woman!!!! So sorry hopefully its all done with now! Good thing to come now.

  2. well im hoping the bad saying of "bad things come in 3's" means it's over ...i can't take it anymore!


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