Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBQ #2

Tuesday was the last day of our heat wave and I think it reached 95 degrees so we checked out another park for one more BBQ. Ths park was secluded and had a chinese was perfect. There were also tons of bunnies and ducks for Fifi to chase. Unfortunatley i think we came close to a nest because this one Canadian goose came after me and Fifi was scary but hilarious because i was carrying her and running so fast .......she was of course laughing the whole time. It followed us all the way to where we were eating ans stayed about 20 feet away the whole time to make sure we didnt come any closer. It even chased Alberto when he was carrying Fifi. I have a video of it which i will post later!!!

Looking for animals ....that mean goose is in the background!!!


Fifi in the chair and daddy on the grill



Saturday, April 25, 2009

So i took Fifi to Erie, PA (6.5 hrs away) from 4/23 - 4/26 to visit my family and to get out of Jersey a bit. Alberto couldn't come because he was working but we had a great time. i got to see my best friend Sarah who is expecting a baby girl. Her name will be Rosalyn Sofia Ruiz.....and we'll get to meet her somewhere around 9/23/09!!!!!! We also went to a birthday party and had a wonderful time seeing abuela !!!!!

Sitting on Abuelas table blowing bubbles........she has developed a bubble obsession...LOL


Blowing bubbles with Abuelo (abuelas long time BF)


4/26/09 - on the way home to NJ.....we left super early in the AM so we could get back in time to hang out with papa. On the way me me and Fifi had a mama/daughter tailgate party at Dairy Queen and watched the cows....since we were driving through the middle of nowhere (aka PA)...LOL.

Fifi on the way home


When we got home to NJ Papa took us for a BBQ in the park since it was so hot .....we had a geat few days in the 80's & 90's and really took advantage of it.

Papa & Fifi @ the park eating chips


Fifi and her chips


Looking around the park


I think she was telling me to stop with the pics...LOL


Friday, April 24, 2009

Fashion Friday - Catch Up

Sorry this is late i have been out of town and so busy the past 2 weeks ............also being so lazy too!!!!!! Anyways ....i found some super cute stuff from mommy shops lately i think everyone will like :)

This week in honor of our latin heritage i wanted to find sites that support Latin countries or have a latin feel to them. Here are a few of the cute things I came across :

WaWa Exports of Ecuador

Arte Bebe


This is the cutest dolly ever from Bolivia....Fifi has one like this from Ecuador

Love this sling

Little Poco

You can also go to CAFE PRESS and type in any country and you will find tons of tees, onesies and bibs with sayings and funny things from that country!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA and sick all week since Tuesday so I havn't been doing anything online :( but hopefully this week will be better.

Anyways I wanted to announce this .....


This took so long and trust me lost of tears from her and myself but we finally did it and she has been off the bobo for 8 days and she has not even asked for it in the past few days. Its so much easier not looking for it or having to take it out with us. There are times though that i miss it ....but tantrums are part of toddlers soI will get through it !!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

NYC International Car Show 4/17/09

This was such an awesome show but i regret wearing heels. Usually i wear flip flops or sneakers everywhere........after all that walking now i remembered why i dont wear heels when I'm out with Sofi!!!

Mama & Papa


Mama & Beba


I wish !!!


Daddy's Girl Cheesin for the Camera


Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashion Friday

Baby Bells

A centuries old tradition stands behind these darling jingling anklets.... For thousands of years Cambodian mothers have adorned the feet of their babies with silver anklets that have small bells attached to them. Traditionally, it is believed that the delicate jingling sounds would protect young children by warding off bad spirits. They also served a safety functional purpose by providing auditory clues to their children's movements, activity, and whereabouts.

"I have been in love with these baby bells ever since before i had Fifi. I've always seen them on the ankles of indian babies and asian babies and thought they were gorgeous so I have finally decided to get some for Fifi. I love love love the silver ones .....I just got her this one on ebay ...pure silver ...and only $12.99. This one is the bangle style but i also want to get her the regular style anklet too"

Here are some more pics and sits you can purchase them:

Baby Emi Jewelry

Mindy Harris Jewelry

These one are a great price and pure sterling for only $14.99....both are bangles and both have bells is ABC's and one is Noah's ark


These ones are on ebay and you have to bid for them but you can find some that have a BUY IT NOW price so you dont have to bid

The Krishna Store

The krishna store also has some really beautiful ones at around $22 each !!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion Friday

This is not your everyday clothing site but i found it an love it. As some of you know Fifi will be having a Tinkerbell/Fairy theme party this year and we are starting our planning early (we learned our lesson last year) . This year since she is turning 2 we will be having a smaller party in Pennsylvania with my family and friends. So I was looking for something cute and tinkerbell-ish for Fifi to wear for taking pics for her invitation......and i came across this site which is adorable!!!!!! She will be wearing this tutu and wings and leotard in green ...just like TINK!!!!

The Website: Heart to Heart
******The main little girl in green on the first page of the site is the look Im going for !!!!!

The reason i posted this for fashion friday is becaus I know that alot of little girls love "dress up" play......this site has gorgeous dress up tutus that are soooooo NOT expensive so check it out!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Headbands !!!!!!

Im so in love with this new headband style that i attemted to do and to my suprise it was super easy. I did a 1" width and a 1/2" with and they came out gorgeous ........this is just a sample pic of one i like someone else did ....I will post pics of mine soon ....Im so proud of it!!!!

Both of these are done by someone else:

A Sinful Lunch!!!!!

OMG i have discovered to the best and worst thing ever created. I was craving a Nathan's hot dog so i went over to the Kiosk in the mall for lunch .....and i noticed they have French fries that are smothered in Bacon and Ranch. I WAS IN HEAVEN....and let me tell you they were more than worth the $2.99!!!!!!! I felt horrible after was like i said worth it....MMMMMMMMM!!!!!

This is not the menu pic.....but it's the closest i can find

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