Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First School Day Evaluation

Im ecstatic because i had no idea that everyday Fifi would get a written evaluation of her day!!! That just made me even happier when i picked her up. Here is what she did:

Meal Time (Breakfast) - 8 AM

Breakfast - Sausage & Eggs with milk
Morning Snack - Crackers w/milk
Lunch - Macaroni & Cheese with String Beans & Milk
Afternoon Snack - Cantalope with milk (3:30 pm)

Circle Time - Fifi sat in the circle with all the kids for story time
- Today circle time was for reading and she read "My first book on colors" & "My first book on Numbers"

Outside Activity - Played outside and blew bubbles and played with balloons

Quiet/Nap Time - 1:00 -2:30 took a nap

Fine and Gross Motor Skills - worked on the Shapes Puzzle

Free Time - Fifi sat at the table to color with the other kids (she even brought me home her drawing...it was sooo cute!!!)

Comments for the Day - She cried from the door downstairs but she was fine in a few minutes

*****Sorry if TMI***** Bowel movement in the morning and after lunch, last diaper change at 4:00 pm.

Monday, March 30, 2009

First day of Pre-PreSchool (LOL)

OMG....today broke my heart....it was Fifi's first day of her Pre-Preschool .......and she cried like crazy....Im sure she is doing fine now but when i left her ......she was spread out in a "superman" position .....reaching for me crying. I feel like crap now. And to make it worse my camera battery died so i got no pix this morning...BOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Papi/Princesa Day

This is really the latino version i guess you could say of Daddy/Daughter Day. We started this a few weeks ago and these were the first pics. Its something we are doing each week to have Alberto spend mor one on one time with Fifi. This was the first day and he took her to a nice park to feed ducks and she loved it......and so did i because i was able to catch up my laundry :)

This is funny because she always walks like this with her hands behind her back like a lil grown up!


Fifi & Daddy


Loving the sunshine


Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion Friday

So i found this site called Kelly's Kids. They are awesome and you can become a rep selling their stuff too. Their clothing is beautiful and has many styles with personalized monogrammed letters for your childs name or initials. Pricing is so-so.

Loving this little top and matching bloomers....so CUTE!!!!

I also found a great site for gorgeous silver and gold jewelry for kids. I love this silver bracelet and I've wanted to get a silver bracelet for Fifi for awhile .....but it might have to wait awhile.

Check it out on LOVE IVY'S WEBSITE


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New School New Beginnings

Im obviously not going to post the school/daycare name just for security purposes but I wanted to share with you some of the reasons Im so excited.

I am a little nervous that Sofi will really miss her current sitter but she is young enough that I know she will adapt very quick to the new place. When we had our interview she cried when we had to leave because she was in love with the ladies already.

So here goes.....

There are 2 ladies ......2 locations.......1 lady at each location. Each lady has 5 children maximum. Sofi's teacher is Miss Marie and she is wonderful. Sofi loved her instantly. The kids in her group are

A 6 month boy, a 2 yr old boy, an 18 month girl and another 15 month girl. Sofi will finally have some playmates her age. Plus you know from my previous post the price is about the same.

For $150/week my daughter will receive:

1. Every day - Hot breakfast, Snacks, Hot lunch, and tons of fruits and veggies, only 100% juice
2. little or almost no TV (she gets enough at home)
3. Outdoor play everyday (weather permitting) ...there are swings, sandbox, and even a baby pool for summer time
4. She will have a structered schedule....finally .....with naptime (woohoo!!!!)
5. Each day includes learning colors, numbers, alphabet, singing, playing instruments, music, dancing, art...everything you can imagine.
6. She will have her own cubby with her own clothes, blankets, diapers.....only used by her :)
7. They brush teeth after each meal and even do potty training when we are ready!!!!

The only disadvantage for me is that my current babysitter only speaks to Sofi in Spanish.....now she will be hearing only english ....so i really have to work hard and force the Spanish at home. BUt I think this is going to make such a positive change in her behavior ......She starts this monday!!!!

My current babysitter was very sad but she was understanding. I will post more updates after she starts !!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Too excited for Words!!!!!!!

OMG we made a huge decision today and we went through and enrolled Sofi in the new day care!!! There are only 5 kids and the place is an in home day care....its amazing!!! Im so excited! I'll give more details later!!! Wish us luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashion Friday

OMG....i am an idiot...i totally forgot about this post because i got so c aught up in the new daycare thing....so anyways...here are my finds for now....

I have such an obsession with baby swimwear its ridiculous.....and its even worse now that new summer swimsuits are out....as you can see by my past posts. Now normally i don't really care for the "bikini syle" on babies....however........i couldnt resist this little suit....I just boght it online for $10 on http://www.crazy8.com/ ....sooooooo cute!!!!


Also....OLD Navy ......not online but in store is having a crazy summer sale..I dont know if everystore is doing this m=but I was in Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, NJ and almost all baby items are $5 each...woooohoo!!!! So i got this cute little outfit which is originally $19.50 for $5...i got it in white but Im thinking for that price i might even go back for the light pink too !!!

Here is a similar 1 pice cotton ensemble which i love but still alot for me to spend so Im glad i got the other for $5

This one just came out and Im so in love with it.....I think i might have to splurge on this one but i might wait a bit to see if it goes on sale. Its going to be really hard to make myself drop $30 though ...OUCH!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Changes for Fifi

Everyone please pray that this works out.......

For awhile I have been unsatissfied with Fifi's childcare, there seems to be alot of time she is left in the play pen, no education or fun activities, ....the list goes on and on and daycare has always been too much.

I recently found a brand new (CERTIFIED) in home daycare near my home which sounds amazing. It's run by 2 women with bacherlor's in child psychology and education. They focus on education and nutrition all day. There is painting , colors, numbers, dance, music, outdoor play...you name it. The best part is right now I pay $130/week plus about $25 more in snacks and milk. They charge $150/week and it's including all of the food so its really about the same price.

Both women sent me their resumes and references and they have a couple of 2 & 3 yrs old and in Sofi's group will be an 18 month girl and a 15 month girl so she will finally have some playmats her age.

I have an interview with them Saturday because there are only 2 more slot available. Wish me luck!!!! Now i just have to break it to my current babysitter. I really think that she will take offense but my daughter is most important.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mini Pinwheel Bow

This is also my first Pinwheel bow....this is a mini one about 2" long and a set of 2 in Maize Yellow and its on a matching alligator clippie

No Flash

With Flash


Pastel Rainbow Snap-Clip Set of 6

This Clippie set of 6 i made is wrapped in grosgrain ribbon in pastel rainbow colors: Light Orchid, Light Blue, Pistachio, Maize Yellow, Apricot, & Light Pink. Each Snap-Clip is 2" Long.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dragonfly Clippies

As many of you know my Business "Fifi's Closet" is mainly lhair accessories and jewlry for little girls. I have been procrastinating with everything lately because of other things going on but I really need to focus and get back into the business as my priority. I started working on some clippes tonight and this is my first attempt at the "dragonfly clippie". I put Swarovski crystals on these ones too :)

What do you think ...Im pretty happy how they came out being my first ones:




I would've taken a pic with them on my little model but she has already went "night night" :)

Random Pics of Me and Fifi

Please look at the Camera Fifi


Yeah she finally let me get a pic of me and her!


Posing for Mami


Say Cheese!


OH so Serious


Not so Serious


So this is the end of my picture rampage because someone decide it would be fun to start hitting mommy in the head!! LOL!!!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion Friday

Im so happy !!! I've been looking for awhile and Babies R Us just put out the Gerber Tank top onesies for summer...I guess they're seasonal....but theyre awesome for wearing under short sleeves and tank or even to sleep !!!! I wish i had pic but i can't even find one on google :( Anyways check out Babies R Us...They are $6.99 I think ....for a 3 pack !

Online shopping Discounts!!!!

Have you ever noticed when you are shopping online and you go to check out there is always a box that says ...."discount code", "promo code", or "coupon code" ? Well now you have one!!!!!! Every time i shop i always check this site before I check out. Its:


All you do is type in the name of the site you are shopping on and tons of coupn codes come up for free shipping and many discounts.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Hair Woohoo!!

So i went to my hairstylist on Thursday 3/5...I love her....and i was determined to get my usual long layers.....color glaze in a reddish brown like always but i wanted some straight bangs that are now in style like Kim K :)...when i got there i chickened out but then all day Friday I regreetted not doing it. So after work i went and told her "Just do it!!!" What do you think ?!?!?!?!

Here are Kim K's...she is gorgeous!!!

And here are Mine:




I've never loved my hair so much...until i met my current hairstylist ...i usually walk out feel bummed but she always makes me feel great!!! I recommend all mommy's to treat themselves to feeling beautiful once in awhile!! we deserve it!

Pics from the past week

Here a a few newer pics of my baby.

My sweet little gremlin....uuuuggghhhh...I mean...angel...LOL!


Last Sunday I straightened her hair with the blowdryer for the first time and it was too cute!!!!!





This is last Sunday before going to Olive Garden with Mami & Papi



Daddy helping with bathtime ...and playing with Fifi's "conehead"



Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Friday

So this Friday Im looking around and I will update throughout the day. Some of the stuff I found is not on sale yet but brand new just came out.....like this suit I love from http://www.gymboree.com/ . I love these rashgaurd suits espescially with my daughters fair skin they help keep her from getting burns:

Froggy Rashgaurd Suit ($26.74 - a little expensive for me ...I'll wait for the sale!!! LOL) Babies R Us just came out with a really cute rashgaurd suit for $14.99 but it's in store only so I don't have a pic :( This particular froggy suit has matching hair clips which i did buy for FIFI!!!

Check out Old Navy's Online store and this suit will only cost you $10 right now:

One swimsuit I love love love.....looks super cute on darker skinned little girls....this eyelet lace swimsuit ......but for the price of $30 on Janie and Jack.com I have to skip out on this one.........but its still gorgeous!

This is another great baby boutique. http://www.bestdressedchild.com/ however it is also a bit pricey. They have an awesome swimwear selection for girls. I'm not to big on bikinis for babies so i ususally get the one pieces or rashgards that cover my daughters belly. However, i found this monokini which is a bikini connected in this middle. The only thing is the price. $32 for a suit my daughter will wear for one summer....hmmmmm....i'll pass .....but if you have the $$$ its super cute!!!

For those who do not like the traditional frilly easter dresses (like myself) check out this cute casual easter dress at http://www.crazy8.com/ for $24.50

OMG I just was in store at K-Mart and found so many cute sandals for Summer ....and even a bigger selection online....I cna't link their pics but check out their website for some really cute summer shoes :)
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