Friday, February 27, 2009

Fashion Friday

1. Crazy 8

So this week I was in a store we have in NJ called Crazy 8. I absolutely love this store. They have the cutest styles for kids and their prices are pretty good too. I love love love Skinny Jeans for myself and have been looking for some for Fifi for awhile and I found them!!!!!! They are on their site and in the store. I got her all 3 of these pants!!!!!

*you have to click on the link because for some reason i can't link the pics :-(

Their site is

Dark Denim Skinny ($11 each when you buy 2)

Light Denim Skinny ($11 each when you buy 2)

Blue with pink stitch Skinny ($4.99 online but i found them $3.99 in store!)

- love the grey ones too but I couldnt find them in store or in her size online

2. Janie and Jack

I also love love love this store Janie & Jack...which is located in the Garden State Plaza or you can shop online at:

Janie and Jack is a little more expensive but there are always things on sale and as a mami on a budjet ....the sale department is the first place I look ...LOL!!!!!!
3. Old Navy
New sales today ....tons of bodysuits, tops, pants, and tanks for only $4 each !!!!! Click on the link below
Here are just some of the ones I love :

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Post to look forward to !

Soooooo I know sometimes I skimp on this blog so I want to make a new post at least once a week about baby/kids clothing deals and fashion! This post will be called "Fashion Friday". Most people get paid on Fridays so I think it would be a great day to post some of my finds!!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows I am a Fashion Freak and shopaholic for myself and my daughter. Here in NJ I find alot f good stores that you might not find in smaller towns so I want to share some my favorites with everyone!!!!

Tommorrow I have some great finds to share with all of you!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you need any baby items?

Since Fifi is oficially a big girl (basically means she throw a tantrum if i use any of these things) I am getting rid of some of her big things. She has a Playyard and matching high chair that are in pretty much brand new condition. She also has a baby swing that she really never used that much either. We want to get rid of these because I am spring cleaning and they are really just taking up space at this point. If anyone is interested please just comment me. I may also just take them to a great place I found about 20 minutes from my house. If anyone lives in NYC/NJ area i encourage you to go. The place is called OTHER MOTHERS. It's a consignment shop for baby items....however you don't have to wait until your itmes sell. They give you cash or store credit on the spot!!!!!!!! Check out their site:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm back with updates

I know I'm always lacking with the pics but i really wil try soon to post some new ones...I SWEAR...LOL.

Anyways, so lots has been going on. Money is still tight however Im trying to build up a product supply right now so i can starts making my clippies and jewelry for my business again. Things are just really hectic so I've had to focus on other things right now.

Moving Status

We have decided to renew our lease 1 more year....(to my dismay) and next year we are serisouly considering relocating to Puerto Rico. There are many reasons why...some of which i really can't mention ......but we have tons of family there. We already own a home there (it needs work though). We know it would be better to raise our daughter there than here in NJ plus if we move I could stay home full time and focus on my Business. Alberto was already offered a position there which he can take whenever he wants...which is a huge bonus. I also have felt for a long time that i need a change. I really know that NJ is too expensive and at the rate we are going we will probably not be able to afford more kids here or buy a home here. The weather is also a great bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that my mother won't be too happy because right now she is 6 hours away from us and for her...that is too far. So if we move across an ocean ....I'm sure she will be mad about it. But we'll see what happens.


I may have previously mentioned that my Grandpa had a stroke and lost part of his vision and hearing and was only given a few months to live. He was under so many meds and sleeping about 20 hrs a day. It was really taking a toll on my Grandma. Hospice is now there just making him comfortable and they're not sedating him so much so is is up and about more. His alzheimers is still pretty bad......many times he thinks it's still 1970 ....but we just have to go with it...LOL. Hopefully I will get to spend some more time with him soon.


Little Fifi officially thinks she is a grown up. Yesterday my babysitter when in to check her after her nap and found that little Miss Fifi had removed all her clothes even her diaper and was sleeping NAKED!!!! She also peed all over the playpen during her sleep because of that!!!! What a LOCA!!!

She also has a very bad temper lately with me ....she even threw a baby chair in my face. Currently we are looking for some advice so anything you can give is welcome. Alberto has decided to have one day a week which will be "Daddy & Daughter" day. He is going to take her a new place each week ....whether it's a park, zoo, or even to buy a new toy if she was good that week. This will give me a break ans some time that i can do things in my house without a toddler stuck on my leg all day :) He is so funny.....I shared this the other day with Anelys......the other night he came home with a new toy for her (even though he knows we have absolutely no space for it!) It is now part of my Living room because that is the only place for it. This is what he brought her:

The funny thing is that it is so big that Me, Alberto and Fifi can all fit inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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