Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad things in 3's????

Hmmmmmmm ....this is an old saying that bad things come in 3's. So since my father passed I have been expecting 2 other bad things to come along. I think this may be it but I'm trying to stay positive.

Last week my grandfather had a stroke and him are very close but over the past few years he has forgotten me and everyone around him. It breaks my heart that he doesnt know me. He can sit and have a great conversation and not know who you are the whole time. So anyways as a result of the stroke he lost his site and hearing on one side ....which he is not coping very well with. This week the admitted him back to the hospital because he is now Jaundiced and suffering from liver and kidney failure.......I don't know what will be t he outcome ......but I'm just asking for your prayers for him.

I also have been getting super bad headaches for about a year with no relief from OTC meds. I got sent for an EEG and an MRI. These were the results:

1. Deviated Septum - no biggie though .....due to trauma to the nose and face...LOL....probably from all the time Fifi has headbutted me !!!!

2. Small Artery - as the base of the braine near the spinal cord one of the arteries is unusually small due to underdevelopment as a baby or child....they said its not much to be worried about now but it can be later in life because of blood clot history in my family

3. Growth - Doctor's also found a small growth near the base of my brain behind the upper part of the nasal cavity.....its only about 7-8 mm but i have to see another doctor to check to see if it's malignant or not. I will keep you updated though.

The wierd things is that he doesnt think any of these are whats causing my headaches....they just happened to find them .....he thinks they are depression/stress i got a prescription for that and Im waiting so see how i feel once the meds start working. Hopefully everything will turn out ok.

Other than that things are going good. My baby now has 12 teeth!!!!! 4 on the top front .....4 on the bottom front and 2 molars on the bottom and 2 molars on the top !!!! What a big she she is growing in to. I love watching her grow and who she is becoming but I am starting to get baby fever again ....HMMMMMMMMM maybe an addition in 2009 could be coming ...if Im lucky :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Im back

Hello everyone........ know its been awhile since I posted ....I've just had so many things going on. The holidays were good. New Years was Spent in Boston with the Family........lots of family came in from Puerto Rico for vacattion and we all went Tubing at Nashoba Valley Ski Resort. I will post some pics later.

The best thing for me was the Fifi got to play with her cousins Josarah (3 y/o) and the twins Gabriela and Victoria (20 months). wasnt peachy and nice the whole time.......... Fifi hates sharing toys and I thought she might be fighting with the twins the whole time...........oh no!!!! not my tough girl!!! She decided she wanted to take on the 3 y/o all weekend. IT was moment they were hugging the next they were hitting and pulling hair and fighting like they were teenagers. And my little 16 month old held her own and put up a good fight. I was trying the whole time to make bher be nice and share ...and no hitting.....but she didnt listen to me at all.

I think this means i might have a little TOMBOY on my hands !!!!!
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