Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Depression - Sorry for the rant

So depression has kicked in the past few days and i dont think it's going anywhere either. I am 31.5 wks and miserable!!!

Right now i have $0 money to buy anything for the baby on the way and no baby shower in sight. I have nothing i mean nothing from sofia because there were no plans in sight for another baby and everything we had was given away a few months before i got pregnant. All i have gotten is bedding....nothig else.

Everything i seem to buy looks like crap in the room or doesnt fit...and to make it worse i have to return things by mail which i hate!

I know we arent haveing a shower ......but i kind of hinted to my mom i wanted one.....however i just said if someone did have a shower fr me i'd like to to be a suprise and not be part of planning becuase my last shower was a disaster. Last time so many people came that didnt rsvp ...we ran out of food and i spent the whole shower cooking for people ....i didnt even eat until 9 pm on top of the countless other things that went wrong.

I wish i could have just a day to myself to be spoiled ...but whatever. So anyways i knew though my mom wouldn't offer because she is broke and has so many things on her plate. I just thought maybe one of my friends would offer.

To make it worse i wouldnt expect lots of people to come anyway becuase the economy sux and people are trying to buy for their kids for christmas and the holidays.......which i also understand because im in the same boat. I can barely buy for the new baby because there are other kids to worry about. Im not so worried about Fifi because she is only 2 and i can get her gifts for cheap ...but more so my step kids who are 10 and 15 who want outrageous gifts .....and DH wants to do it and doesnt get the concept of "no $$$" WTF?!?!?!!?

Plus this lil boy feels like FIfi did at 9 months. Im so uncomfortable already i can barely move and i work full time ..........ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

OK sorry for the rant I think im just a miserable pregnant lady anymore !!!!

Thank God next week is Thanksgiving .........Im gonna go stuff my face till i puke...LOL


  1. Breathe Mama. Also check out freecycle and craigslist for cheap or free stuff. It will be ok. Your little family is going to be complete!

  2. Look I found this one...quick

  3. oh susan thank you ....too bad that Perth Amboy is too far for me since i have no gas :( im gonna look around there though on craigslist


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