Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sabroso Saturdays #1

So this is my first "bento" type of lunch. Becuase I don't have an official Bento yet or a tupperware or something I tried using her regular lunch plate......The food was a little spaced out and of course she went for the cheese, ma n cheese, corn and animal cookies. She didn't touch the grapes cucumber or the peanut butter banana sandwich rolls :( But I was proud of the animals going up the stairs of cheese I made...LOL!



  1. Awwww... That looks AWESOME!!!! Try the dressing for the veggies to see if she would eat them like that...

  2. Hi Erica, just wanted to say hi and thanks, I guess, for stopping by my blog. I'm so despistada, hadn't noticed actually until a couple days back that I had a follower, and stopped in but couldn't leave you a note at the moment thanks to the LO. So now I'm back.

    And glad to see you're into the bento thing too. Isn't it fun? How's it going for you? I haven't gotten an actual bento box for Mate yet, but just doing with what I have here. But he's such a picky eater right now, sometimes it's not even worth it. And I'll be back to staying home with him in the next coule weeks, so let's see what happens. TTYL!


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