Saturday, December 13, 2008

15 months Checkup

Soooooo i knew Fifi was getting 4 shots today as she missed her 1 year checkup and had to wait until now. I expected to have some crying but not a full on tantrum and bad news from the doctor as well.

Recently everytime she goes to the Pediatrician she now associates it with when they put us in a room she starts pulling my hand to come to the door or trying to open it and get out of the room by herself ......this time it started like that but it becaame the worst tantrum ever.....she was throwing herself on the floor, scratching me, the doctor could barely examine her and it took me almost 30 minutes to get her dressed. The crazy part was that the only time she was ok was while the 4 shots were happening!!!!

on to the news from the doctor........

Recently Fifi hasn't been eating very well and is even rejecting milk, so i have been worried about her losing weight. I also realized i have never been given er percentiles.....the docs always just told me she was small but that she was still growing ok. THis time I decided I wanted the percentiles just to know how she was in comparison to other babies. She did lose 2 lbs which i feel horrible about but she is still only 19 lbs one time she actually got up to almost 22 lbs and now she is down again :(

The doctor said she is only in the 10th percentile!!!!! I feel like such a bad mom because she told me since she was born she has always only been in the 10th percentile and she wasnt a preemie even......She was actually 9 days late! How could i have missed this percentile .......I dont know. The doctor told me not to really worry because she doesnt show any health problems and she is in proportion and seems to be growing but they are going to order some bloodwork. Is this normal ???? Im starting to feel like crap now :( I know she is a tiny girl but i feel somehow like its my fault.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Even though as i said before money is tight i still love Christmas ......I still have my list (although I know most of it wont be here .....i still make my list)...ever since I was a kid. I also put my tree up a few weeks ago....Usually i go crazy with a color theme but I wasnt sure if Fifi was going to be destroying the tree so i just put a mix of all the ornaments on ....and not too many so i could minimize breakage just in case. Lucky for me she really hasn't bothered the tree however.....she is fascinated with the balls and lights....i love seeing her little eyes light up as she stares at her reflection in the balls. It soooooooo takes me back to being a kid. You have to love their innocence. So Here is my wish list and a little video of my Fifi and the tree.

My Wish List (some stuff you may recognise from my list last year....which i still want):

Sandwich Maker

Crock Pot
$34.99 on

Sewing Machine
- This is my dream machine but I will probably start out with something cheaper

Overlock Machine
- Cant have a sewing machine without an overlock to finish the edges

Blackberry Curve Phone
(BTW i have some extra phones i will be getting rid of soon if anyone is interested...LMK)

And finally here is my baby ......loving her Christmas Tree :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas in Pajamas Theme

Since money is soooo tight and we have been so busy .....Alberto and I have decided we are having a "Christmas in Pajamas" theme this year. We said that we were not exchanging gifts with eachother but we decided we will each buy eachother a Christmas PJ and one for Fifi too and all day Christmas we are staying in Pajamas since it will be just me DH and Fifi ....and we are going to take pics in our new Pajamas and just have a relaxing family day. To me this will be so much better than dressing up and worrying about guests and going out...Im super excited about de-stressing my holdiay.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rough Times

Sometimes I would rather say nothing at all than post something depressing which is why i haven't posted. Money situations have been really rough for us lately and Christmas just seems to not be happening this year. Plus Fifi has been giving me a really hard time and I have had a horrible ear infection....which makes every cry feel 10 times worse. I know Fifi is still a baby so Christmas is not such a big deal to her right now ....I just hope the older kids will be able to understand why presents wo't be in abundance this year. I feel really bad. Hopefully 2009 can bring our economy back into shape. I have hope that 2009 will be a great year.
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