Thursday, November 20, 2008

Name my business contest

To everyone who participated ....sorry i haven't mailed out your prizes yet but I just have been so busy and being without a car till recently put me back even more ....I really promise i will try to get the packages out before Thanksgiving ....Thank you for being patient.......BTW Miss Heather I still want your address missy did participate so i have something for Thais :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Baby Can Read!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo this past sunday i was up really early trying to have some mommy time b4 Fifi woke up and i came across this infomercial for "Your Baby Can Read" .....I was really skeptical at first but after watching it Im thinking of getting it for Fifi. Its amazing .....check out the website: YOUR BABY CAN READ

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mi Princesa a los 14 Meses

So I dont mean to brag but i was camera happy last night with Sofi and she finally has enough hair that i can give her a little ponytail in the back ...It was so cute. She is now 14 months and has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth (plus 2 more coming in on the bottom but you cant see them in pics yet.) Here are some of the things my baby loves:

1. Tomatoes for snack

(I guess this is a good thing cince i hate tomatoes....and she will eat them all day.....kind of scary though since not too long ago there were bad tomatoes going around)

2. Dora!!!!

I think this is every little kid her Fifi is in another room and she hears Dora .....she starts yelling "DO DO DO DO" and runs for the TV ......the pics below is her staring at Dora

3. Kitties and Puppies

Sofi yells "pito" for any animal she sees (which is her way of saying "perrito") can be a cat, dog, squirrel ......everything is "pito" and she will go running after it too !

4. Anything sparkly

Fifi is crazy for jewelry, watches anything expensive.........hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm she will be an expensinve date someday!



I know she is too close but like i said ...when Dora comes on ....there is no pulling her from the TV!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Car Drama

So the Tuesday before last my car of 6 years decided to die ....the transmission went on the car and it was way too expensive to fix for us....but we had no money for another car. Alberto had a work car which is a Toyota Tundra (with no company logos on it) so he was able to give me a ride to work but coincidentally his boss wanted him to start driving the company car with logos on it .......meaning that i cannot be seen in the car. So we were on a deadline to find another car.

My mom offered to help us with a down payment and even to co-sign but we looked around because of the economoy and my bad credit the bank wouldnt even approve me a car with a cosigner. So my mom (god bless her) took out a $10,000 personal loan and gave us cash to buy a car. Now instead of a car payment from the bank i just have to pay the loan back to her. We found a great car worth $15,000 and we got it for $9,900 ....Here are the pics...we found the car online and it was a trade in at Lexus in Queens, NY:


But wait.....the drama isnt over.....i drove his work car (i know i wasnt allowed but i had no choice) home from Queens last night because i had to go get Fifi. I got home and since Im so used to driving a bad car with nothing in it i didnt think about taking the GPS off of the dashboard. Alberto came home 2 hrs later with my new car.....and he walked by the work car and someone smashed the windows and stole our GPS. Im just amazed how people can do things like this .....last year our home gets robbed (and we live in a nice area) ....then his first work truck gets broken into this one!!! At least we have a safe car now though ....Hopefully no one breaks in this one!

Pumpkin Farm in MA. (Beginning of October)

Sorry so late on these but I had a defective camera battery. I dont know why i didnt think to upload the existing pics though....LOL....anyways. These pics are from the beginning of October when we went to the Pumpkin/Apple Farm in Massachusetts. We love autumn in New England. All of DH's family lives there and in Puerto Rico so we always go up to Mass. to visit.

This is the night before we left after bathtime. Fifi was taking her Caballo all over the house!

Fifi & her cousin Izabella

Fifi trying to eat an apple with Titi Chepa....she is more like Abuela though because she is the sister of DH's Mom. His mom died when he was 5 so Titi Chepa raised him like her son .....she is the bast woman we love her so much !

Today Fifi learned to "say cheese" ......and this is the funny face she makes while saying it!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Sorry guys i haven't updated this blog so many things have been going on and i feel so bad i have no pics to share.........I have had some really great moments recently and sad that i have missed getting pics. Hopefully we'll get the new camera batter this week and i can post pics!!!
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