Friday, August 29, 2008

Oriental Trading

So I ordered some thing for the party and I paid almost $20 in shipping to get them here before the party!!!!!!!!!! And...........

I get the package in the mail yesterday and they forgot party of my order......something I really wanted for the party. So i call the customer service and when I went through someone picked up and they were laughing in the background.....i kept saying "HELLO HELLO" and then they laughed in the phone and hung up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I called back and i got someone who was really nice.....but sounded DRUNK (LOL...maybe that is why he was nice) and he told me even if they ship the missing stuff overnight it wont be here until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! OH I could scream i was so they gave me a refund to my credit card........i wanted the shipping refunded to but they wouldnt do it.

Althought the stuff i did receive was very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heat Rash Maybe?

Im about to call the pediatrician in a few minutes but I was wondering can heat rash be caused by too hot bath water? I didnt think the water was too hot ....and i didnt notice it because of the lighting in the bathroom ....but i gave Fifi a bath last night and when i took her to her room to dress her i noticed a rash all over her back and her chest and belly. I put like a little diaper rash cream last night but this morning it was still there. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Better Day!!!

So last night DH and I both appologized for our fight ....i tried to not get so frustrated with Fifi ....espescially since I have a sore tooth also and I know how she must feel as a baby. We went to Twin City Supermarket .....which is a grocery that sells mainly Latino Brands in Elizabeth, NJ and they have lots of really good prices.

I love going out even just to the supermarket as a family and we have so much fun there with Fifi. I bought a Pernil/Lechon for the party as well as all of the drinks. I also bought some Nestum for Fifi because she loves it do I !!!!

After we left the supermarket we took a drive to DH's childhood home in elizabeth and he got teary-eyed for a minute when he saw the house. He lived there with his mom and Dad from birth until about 5 years old and his mom was sick with cancer. Then they moved to Puerto Rico so she could be with her family because she was dying and she dies about a month after they went there. So i know it really made him miss his mother to see their old house .....especially since he lost her at 5 years old.

So anyways after that we went home and I made some soup for Fifi but she didn't want it......all she wanted was bread and I gave in and let her have least so she would eat something.

Lucky for me she only woke up once so i got my first night sleep in awhile. I think its because I bought her Humphrey's teething tablets......which really helped alot .....I even ate one and it made me relaxed.....LOL!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lord help me!

This teething thing is making me nuts. Once again another sleepless night. Why has my baby angel turned into a DIABLA!!!!!! Now she wont even eat.......I know she's hungry but as soon as something touches her gums she starts screaming hysterically.

Unfortunately last night I let my emotions take over and I actually yelled at her .....i know i know.....I already feel like crap because she is a baby. DH was so mad at me we had a huge fight in front of Fifi and I ended up crying myself to sleep!! I'm really just sick of everything right now!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Teeth !!!! Less Sleep !!!!!

SO i really didn't believe people when they say how bad teething can be. Fifi got her first 2 bottom teeth in July with my mom so I wasn't there. She told me she was miserable with a fever for 3 days!!!!

Well the past 3 days have been HELL for me!!!!! Fifi got her top 2 teeth but she has been with a fever also Tylenol is helping her but she also wont eat or sleep. I am starting to get worried and I think I am going to call the Pediatrician again. I hope she isn't getting sick again because last night the fever was around 99-100 and she was up till 4 am !!!! And i have to get up for work at 5 am!!!!!! Needless to say I am super tired plus I am still sick.

As you may remember from this post I had bronchitis. But my cough has been getting worse and On Saturday I started coughing up blood clots the size of quarters!!!!!!.....I kept putting it off but I am calling the doctor .....espescially now that Fifi is not feeling so well.......I am a little worried now!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling Depressed

I need to vent a little bit. I feel really sad because I know my Fifi's party is Saturday but i never really thought about it also being Labor Day weekend. Most people are off work on Monday and have plans that whole weekend.....sooooooo almost everyone that has children has cancelled on me !!!!!! To make it worse some people still cant even i have no idea how many bags to make for the kids and I dont want to waste my money if I dont have to. If i would have know everyone would cancel I wouldn't have rented the room ....I could've just had it in my house!!!!!

AAGGGHHHHH Im so frustrated!!!!! I also feel kind of hurt because alot of the people are family that promised that they would be there and this is really important to me. She is my first baby and I wanted her for soooo long and they all know that. I have gone to all their family parties and taken off work too!!!! I feel like no one thinks this is that important at all!!!!!! Now I see why Alberto just wanted a small wedding too .....because he always tells me not to count on anyone!

To make it even worse it is supposed to rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekly Horoscope for Leo (25th August 2008 - 31st August 2008)

Weekly Horoscope for Leo
25th August 2008 - 31st August 2008

State of mind:Impatient
Karma Numbers:4, 9, 14, 35, 44
Buzz Words:Read between the lines
Compatible Sign:Aries

'Growing demands' may seem to be the buzz phrase for family life this week, especially when we hit the 28th and both time and money become a premium. Use the 26th as your best day to negotiate cooperation from youth, elders, in-laws, Aries, Virgo, Cancer and other Lions. A 'big project' may make itself known near the 29th to 31st and appears to take up to weeks to accomplish.

Romance may seem to 'go on hold' until the more cooperative energies of the 29/30th take over. Some Lions may be 'dangled' for a variety of reasons this week and that kind of 'power play' does not go over well with Leo. IF you feel you are 'on ice' it may be wise to 'take control' rather than allow the 'building energies' to shape your actions into something you would not normally do.

Friends may extend invitations this week and they can have to do with visits, visiting, small holiday weekends or the actual 'big holidays' this fall/winter. Much will depend upon both your financial and career status as to 'if you can accept.' Stalling is wise at this time.

Your 'best day' this week is the 26th and its use for scheduling ranks highest. Push things off into next week if you CAN and expect 'little to no' cooperation the remainder of the week. Dealing with authority figures the 27th and subordinates the 28th. Be watchful of reactions to your questions as much can be 'revealed' by facial, vocal and action response.

Fair only

Friday, August 22, 2008


For Sofi's party i wanted green palm trees confetti on the pink tablecloths to match her dress. The party is next week and i couldnt find any in the stores.......but i found some online. The only thing is that to have it by next week the shipping was $20!!! For a $3 pack of confetti!!!!! soooooo.........i bought a palm tree hole punch ....

....and i got some green paper and made my own and it came out so cute! I can't wait to post pics from the party!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Party Time

OK so this party is getting bigger than i expected. So far there is abour 40 people that i know of coming to this Luau Party for baby Fifi. I am waiting for this to be over because I am getting really stressed. No one in my family or Alberto's family knows how to RSVP and its making me crazy!!!!

So anyways no back to planning. I have the main food already covered since we are buying food from this Caribbean place like we did at the baby shower, but i need some ideas for finger foods for something fun and decorative. Please anyone leave me some ideas or suggestions. I was going to make cupcakes instead of a cake but my niece wants to pay for her cake......should i let her????? Also i found this cake pan but I think putting the icing might be a bit difficult for me ...LOL :)

Here are the just have to buy the little pinapples and palmas:

Also for the games I am lost. Since the kids are small and we dont have that much space i was thinking of just letting them color. Here are some other games I found that I like:

Pineapple bowling

Parrot Pin~ata

I also was worried about the gift bags. i originally wanted to give them these Hawaiian Print Totes (see pic below). But I think Im just going to do paper bags now that too cheap????

Hibiscus Tote

Paper Bags

I was going to fill them with this stuff:

Gummy Candies

Mini 7" Beach Balls

Aloha bracelets

I have some sunglasses and water guns I already bought at home too.

I also found these cute favor boxes :

A little Happy, A little Sad!

So lately I have been feeling a little sad because FIFI always wants to be with Daddy ........She loves me but Daddy is King to her!

Well today for the first time ever (2 times) She would not let go. I left for work at 6 am and we went to say "goodbye" to papi and she was clinging to me sooooooo tight.......She REALLY REALLY wanted mami for the first time!

Then I took her to the babysitter.......and the babysitter went to take her from my arms and she started crying so loud she was waking up the entire house! She kept reaching for me i almost cried ........when i left the house i could hear her crying for me ......even though I'm happy she wanted to stay with me i feel sad that she was crying and I had to leave her :( Sniff Sniff!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to Work

Still sick but pushing myself back to work....and i had a great day!!!!!! I got Sofia's Birthday Dress In the mail from Bluberry Daisy!


I also got my lovely Mommy Cards in the mail which you can see on 3 Little Flowers!
And I also placed my order for Fifi's birthday invitations!!!! Also courtesy of 3 Little Flowers.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Sick!

Well I was supposed to go back to work tuesday but i am still out sick .......i went to the doctor today and i have Acute Bronchitis and an ear infection with fluid behind my eardrum. Fifi just has a runny nose but the pediatrician just wants me to wait it out since she is getting betetr and with no fever.....but she is still cranky. Well back to work tommorrow. Hopefully the antibiotics will start working soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 things about Fifi

I have been tagged by Anelys so here are 7 things about my baby girl Sofia aka Fifi:

1. Fifi loves to eat "grown up" food. Ever since she got a taste of Rice and Beans she absolutely refuses anything pureed! at leat she still likes veggies ...just not pureed.

2. Fifi has graduated to regular milk instead of Soy. She was lactose intolerant until now but she has been taking dairy in small doses and now is almost off formula and drinking non-soy milk.

3. Fifi loves dogs. My dad has a Great Dane name Dixie and she is 6 months old and huge. She already weighs 85 lbs and Sofi is not afraid of her at all she jumps right on top of her!

4. Fifi is a big girl for her age....well really just tall. She has stayed right between 18 to 19 lbs for a few months but keeps frowing taller....Everyone who meets her thinks she is already over 1 1/2 yrs old! Maybe that means she will be tall like her Daddy.

5. She loves music and dancing. As soon as i sing to her or play music she starts dancing...LOL :)

6. Fifi is a total Daddy's girl. She is super cuddly with me until Daddy comes in the room........then she pushes me away and crawls right to him screaming Da-Da or Pa-Pa......she won't even look in my direction after that. Daddy thinks that is sooo funny!

7. last but not least i will tell you a little something about her developments. she is almost walking ....she takes about 4-5 step alone then she will sit down and we are so proud.....and while she was with my mom in July she got her first 2 bottom teeth !!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Day from HELL!

Flight to Wisconsin was great......however.......on the way home we were supposed to depart at 11:35 AM. Unfortunately anyone who ever flies in to Newark Airport in NJ knows that they never go on time! We didnt leave Milwaukee until 5 pm !!!! Not so fun with a sick screaming baby espescially now that she gave her sickness to her MOMMY too ! The airplane was also sitting in the hot sun all day so it was soooooooo hot when we got on and little Fifi wasn't happy about that!!!! She finally fell asleep and that crazy flight attendant started talking and wouldn't shut up little Fifi woke up with a grouchy attitude! Then we caught the wrong cab home and the guy lied to us and charged us more than he was supposed to ! uuuuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh.................but it was a great feeling to come home to my little apartment......oh how i missed NJ!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Little Fifi may have been out on the boat with her Grandpa too much and having too much excitement because she has been awake for 2 night with a a runny nose and cough :( which also means that MOMMY has also been awake along with her. Needless to say I am exhausted. Anelys says she has the "First Year Sickness".....most babies get sick close to their first year....LOL.... guess she is right!!!! Maybe Fifi is just too excited about her upcoming Luau party!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME !!!!!!

So today is my 25th Birthday and I am spending it with my Dad in Wisconsin. We flew in yesterdasy and will be here until Monday hanging out on his boat and spending some quality time. As some of you remember my Dad is extremely sick with Parkinson's and is always upan down. I hate seeing him getting older and I miss him as he was before he got sick ....but i guess that is part of life. Anyways I will post pics once I upload them.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Fever!!!!!

Am I being selfish to say i feel like I want another baby now. I always wanted my babies to be close in age and if I were to get pregnant within the next 4-5 months the baby would be born right around Sofias 2nd bday.

A couple of weeks ago i thought i was pregnant but then AF came and i realized no :(. I was nervous at first because i thought the money would be tought but then i got happy. Now I'm just sad. 2 of my friends right now are on baby #2 (my two friends are actually sisters) and they are due the same week!!! How cool is that?!?!?!?!?

Anyways I hope DH comes around but i dont think he will at least till sometime next year. He said he would love 2 more and all girls .....i love having a girl so i think i would love more girls too !!!

Someone send me some baby dust!!!!
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