Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Esteban is here !!!!!

OMG He is here ......Baby Esteban was born at 3:58 yesterday i dont know if AM or PM but i just got a text yesterday evening and havent gotten to speak to his mama yet. I will see them in the hospital today after work!!!!! Please continue to pray for him. I still dont know if he was born healthy or having any complications.....I will update with pics as soon as possible!!!! TIA in advance for your prayers!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heterochromia Iridium

I have been reading trying to find out why my daughters eyes are two different colors and this is what i found. Not that its a big deal but I just want to make sure there will be no medical concerns....and i have found that it can be cause by chromosomal disorders and other diseases. I actually think it looks very pretty but Im just concernered now that she might face some other issues. I guess that is just something we have to face if it comes ....The pediatrician says for now there is nothing to worry about. My daughter has Sectoral Heterochromia Iridium which per my research is even rarer that the complete eye color difference.

Heterochromia Iridium - it is said this is associated with chromosomal abnormalities, mosaicism, and some other condition like deafness as well......I have noticed since birth when i speak to my daughter on one side she doesnt respond .....when on the other side she does....so i have asked her pediatriction about hearing loss....but he says everything looks ok and he cant really see a problem yet to wait till she gets older. I dont know but i love her anyway just as much !!!!!


More Updates for Baby Esteban

So yesterday an ultrasound was done and at 39 weeks Baby Esteban is close to 6.5 lbs!!!!!!!! We are so proud of him because he stopped gaining for awhile and was in 20th percentile ....now he is normal size. .......But still prayers are needed and appreciated because of the chromosomal condition we are just waiting to see what kind of complications he may have. I love this family and have known them since i was 13 y/o and would gladly sacrifice my own fertility if it meant this baby would be born healthy ....Please continue to pray !!! TIA!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Playtime with Dad

OK so I have been starting to plan FIFI's 1 yr party ...which Im pretty sure will be on August 23rd ......but since it will be hot and we have a pool her theme is a Hula Party .....but I want her to still be pretty but comfortable.......I found these 3 dresses at OldNavy which i really like.....I could make it look more fancy by doing her hair nice...but they still are comfy for her to play ......im liking the blue one the most only because her eyes are blue so i think it will look best on her....Ley me know what you all think ....any advice would be helpful .....or if you know of any other "hula type dress" online i can find...TIA !


Here is one other one i found that i really like its a little more babyish...i found this one on Rainbow Hawaii.

And her is the last one i found on Polynesian Designs...QUE BELLA!!!! available in other colors too !

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting so big

OMG i miss my newborn....is that baby fever????? I miss my little angel that would cuddle with me and be so peaceful ....but its so fun to see her grown everyday and learn new thing.......here is a random montage the first clip is from a month ago ....the next 3 are from this past sunday

Monday, April 14, 2008

Esteban Baby Shower video & Update

4/9/08 - Luisa's Birthday she actually had an appt and a few weeks agi baby Esteban was only 3.5-3.75 lbs (20th percentile) ....now on 4/9/08 he was measuring 5.5-6 lbs!!!!! We are so excited and she still has 3 weeks left so hopefully he will be over 6 lbs!

Here is a video of her baby shower too on Saturday she was so suprised ........since they are from colombia they hired a traditional colombian singer to sing to her ......you will see in the 2nd video she was so emotional her dad started crying with her then we all started crying !!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not Moving

So we decided to stay in our current apartment. We went to see the other one on Saturday and come to find out they dont have any remodeled ones available.......that was the whole reason we went there. So Alberto convinced me to stay where we are and that he would re-decorate the apartment and we would get some new furniture and paint too. mainly i just hate living in a basement apartment so we are on the waiting list to move upstairs when its available. So for now i just have to be a big girl and deal with it :)
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