Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Card!

For anyone i couldnt mail a card to is our lovely card made by my friend Anelys!!!

She does great work so if you ever need card or invitations or announcements go to her website!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flat Head

Im starting to get a little concerned about my baby girl. She is getting whats know as flat head syndrome!!! Some people tell me not to worry...others go as far as to say whe will need surgery! The doctors tells me to put her on her belly a few times a day but as soon as i put her down she goes absolutely insane.......I mean screaming bloody murder to where i feel like she will hurt herself like this. She throws her arms out and goes crazy!!!!! I dont know what else to do ...I also feel like she wont learn to use her head or neck muscles if i keep giving in to her.

I mean even if she is only on her bellly a few times a day how can this resolve her flat head when she will still be on her back more anyway??????

Am i worrying too much ?????
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