Monday, November 12, 2007

Rough Weekend!!!

Wow what a long stressful weekend.....

Saturday we had plans to attend a baby shower in Allentown, PA about 1 1/2 hrs. away for Alberto's Nephew and his girlfriend. Well I had a very long uncomfortable doctors appointment that morning that i was late for so i was already in a bad mood. Alberto came with me to watch the baby while i was with the doctor so no one was at our home. When we got home there were like 10 messages on our machine threatening our family ....(from his older daughter's stepfather). some of you may know that there has been no communication with his daughter since shse was 6 (she is 12 now) because her mother never allowed him that chance. Even though Alberto should have persued it more in court it was too much drama for him (long story)....Anyways he recently got in touch with her again and got to see her a couple of weeks ago. He did explain that he would take it slow as not to overwhelm her. But he would also be going to court to make sure his visitation right are known to her. Well they just got served the court papers and called our house. This man was cursing threatening to come to my home to kill Alberto saying he was a bad father (even though he pays child support and they are the ones who kept him away). So Alberto and his bad temper call them and it turns in to a threat and screaming match over the phone. Frankly I am scared for the safety of my baby and Alberto as well. I also think both sides are being ridiculous and are going to make things worse for the chiild in the middle. Seeing both of her fathers fight eachother is not going to solve anything! So the whole way to the baby shower they were yelling at eachother over the phone.

We finally get there and ALberto is so upset he starts having a few drinks and before i know it he is a little tipsy. After the shower we go to his nephews house to watch the boxing match. This didnt come on till 11. At about 10 pm .....all the guys come tell me to go outside and i see Alberto in pain. Apparently he was on a trampoline and when he juped off he slipped on leaves and broke his leg!

So I had to drive him back to NJ to go to the hospital. We get there and they registered him at this time I am delirious and falling asleep. I left him there so i could take the baby home. He calls me at 3 am to come get him......i had just fallen asleep and got the baby to eat and sleep. Maybe this was mean but i told him to take a cab home because i could wake her and put in the car again ....besides that i had to park so far away because unauthorized people parked in our spots......I wasnt even gonna walk that far again with the carseat.

So he gets home around 4 am .......i help him to bed......then the baby wakes and wants to eat again i feed her and get her sleeping again ....As soon as i get in bed he is crying in pain again and i had to get up to help him. We finally fo to sleep and he wakes me up a couple hrs later and tells me to go to the pharmacy for his prescription. Once i get there they supposedly dont have his RX card on file so i had to pay full price for the medicine (and get reimbursed later)......when i get home the baby is up wanting more food ....needless to say i decide to give up on sleep cuz i know i just aint gonna happen !!!! LOL!!!

All day i cook,clean, feed the baby, take care of him ....over and over.....finally i decide to go to sleep and he tells me we have to drop off a rental car!!!! I have no one to come with me but him.....he is not supposed to be driving....he decided he could drive with his left foot instead!!!!

OK enough of my rambling basically i finally got to bed at 11 pm ....only to be awakened night by a hungry baby and hurt hubby.....and i wake at 5 am to take baby to sitter and go to work ......I need another recover from the weekend...LOL!!


  1. Sorry to hear you had such a rough weekend. It will get better. Hugs too you!

  2. It does get better. Both times i was preggo, hubby got hurt and had crutches. it is just like having another baby, but you will be surprised at what your body can do. dont worry in a few yrs, you will look back and wonder who you did it all! gl!


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