Friday, November 9, 2007

My Daughter's Eyes

Last night I had a bit of a disagreement with my fiance. Many people don't know but my daughter Sofia has 2 different color eyes. Her left (my right) eye is brown on the top half and blue on the bottom. The pediatrician has assured me its just the pigmentation and no health concerns to worry about. I think its beautiful and rare!

My fiance seems to think otherwise. I feel like he is embarrassed about our daughter. When i first showed it to him and yelled at me like I somehow caused this or like I was making fun of her. I think its unique but he says that if I point it out to people they will think she is a freak or that something is wrong with her. He actually said that people may think her parents did drugs or something!

I am offended that he feels so shameful and embarrassed about our baby girl. He told me never to bring it up again. Am I right or wrong for being upset about this??? She is my first child so of course I am going to brag about her. Maybe I am the one overreacting. Maybe he is just trying to protect her from the evil thoughts of narrowminded people.

As for now I think he is the narrowminded idiot!

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  1. I think her eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!! Back when i used to wear contacts, I bought one green one and one brown one and enjoyed all of the comments that I got from it. If I had the time and patience to deal with contacts now, I would do it the same way.


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